Tyrannamen on impending Sydney visit and merch table fails

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor


Five months after releasing what will no doubt prove to be one of the best local punk rock albums of 2016, Tyrannamen are finally heading to Sydney to play some songs from it.

The Melbourne five-piece – Nic Imfeld (vocals), Angus Lord and Cal Walker (guitars), Alex Macfarlane (bass) and Chris Gray (drums) – will play one of three Repressed Records’ 14th birthday gigs in Sydney this weekend (see below for dates).

UB interviewed vocalist Nic…


How did you all find one another, and how did you know it was right?
Chris (Gray, drums) and I were playing in another band at the time and Gus (Lord, guitar) and Alex (Macfarlane, bass) were playing Teen Archer, meanwhile, Cal (Walker, guitar) and I were hanging out heaps listening to really satisfying rock ’n’ roll music. We slowly made our own songs and got the others involved and that was it. Everyone in the band is very good at what they do so it made sense quite early that this was the right people for the band.

What inspires Tyrannamen?
Pop songs, unfulfillment, romance, naivety, frustration.

When we listen to Tyrannamen LP we want to overdub handclaps on all the tracks, and sometimes we feel like stomping someone. What kinds of reactions do you get when you play it live?
Shows have generally been received well since we first started playing. People dancing, lots of stage dives, which is fun for everybody. More recently there has been a rather large increase in people singing along, which is pretty odd but definitely not bad.

The LP was tops and sold real good, yeah? Is there any copies left? Have you done much writing of new material since the LP release?
Thank you very much. It did sell pretty well, it sold quick that’s for sure. At the moment we have none left at all, so we apologise in advance for our rather pathetically stocked merch desk. We recently got together and played on some new stuff. We should be playing some new songs before the year is over I reckon.

You do cruisey tunes real good but what’s the heaviest song you’ve got – maybe not even sound-wise but thematically?
Probably “You Should Leave Him” or “Ice Age” – one talks about killing, the other talks about dying. That said, I don’t think either are to be taken very seriously.

Coming to Sydney for the first time – what’s the occasion? Works out well with The Stevens also playing next day?
Yeah, I can’t wait. We are playing the Repressed Records birthday gig with some cool Sydney bands. I haven’t seen any of the other bands on the bill so that is exciting. And yeah, Alex and Gus are in The Stevens so that’s convenient.

Have you ever met one of your heroes and been really disappointed?
No, but I met Scotty 2 Hotty last year and it was really great.




Tyrannamen play one of the Repressed Records Birthday gigs in Sydney this weekend. Dates are:
July 8 – The Irish Gaelic Club w/ Jason Lescalleet, Natasha Anderson, Alex White, Exotic Dog
July 9 – The Irish Gaelic Club w/ Tyrannamen, Tim & The Boys, WDK, Rapid Dye
July 10 – Newtown Social Club w/ The Stevens, The Rangoons, Sex Tourists

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