Suppressant repping the Sydney Grind Syndicate

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor


Sydney grindgoons Suppressant describe their stuff as “very short extreme metal songs played fast”.

The band hasn’t been together all that long but the members – Mishu (vocals), Tex (guitar) and Matt (drums) – bring tons of experience from various other punk, thrash, PV, mince, fastcore and mariachi bands.

Suppressant recorded their demo tape in a day and it’s out now on Tex’s label, Noisebleed. UB asked them where to get a copy and they said to hit up either Dave or Edo…



What’s five things that inspired Suppressant in the first place?
Matt: 1. Australia has one of the best grindcore scenes in the world yet Sydney has absolutely shit-all grind bands so we thought we’d try and fill the void (along with Avian Terror).
2. Our friend Naath from Mother Eel brews some mean homebrew and has big beer fests at his house, the last fest he had seems to have played a significant role in the formation of Suppressant.
3. Agents of Abhorrence, The Kill, Shackles, Shitgrinder, In Disgust, PLF, Motörhead.
4. None of us have played in a band together so I guess we were sort of looking for a project to do.
5. We’re miserable cunts.

What other bands have the members been in and what bands are you currently in?
Tex is currently in Disparo!, Dispolar and Michael Crafter and he’s also is partly responsible for the abomination that was Kangaroo Kebab. Cigs plays in Disintegrator, Offensive Behemoth, Netherhell, The Farting Arses and Amateur Drunks and used to play in a rad fastcore band called Video Nasty, a crusty grindcore band Hacked to Chunks and an emo violence band called Do Not Resuscitate and the precursor to the raging Obat Batuk which was called Slogan Free Youth. I currently play in Nervous Habit and used to play in a hardcore band called Ivan And The Backpackers and a death metal band called Mother Eel.

Tell us all about the tape?
We were planning just for a CD-R for Tex to take to America on the Disparo! tour but they ended up sounding good enough to turn into a proper mini-demo kinda thing. The band’s only a couple of months’ old and we all have pretty hectic schedules (see the Disparo! tour dates). We recorded at the start of May in the warehouse we rehearse in. We did the recording on some wild machine Tex had, a tiny digital 4-track (maybe 8-track) with a built-in mic. He had some spare tapes so he dubbed them himself, he’s a madman.
Tex: The tapes we used were originally ordered for a split between a Sydney band and a Melbourne band, which was to be released on Noisebleed. It was canned at the last minute due to the Melbourne band breaking up and requesting that the songs remain unreleased. So I ended up with a bunch of four-minute tapes, which conveniently fit the Suppressant recording almost perfectly. In fact, if you peel back the Suppressant label on the cassette, you should be able to see the original labels for the defunct band. It’s like an infinitely less valuable Beatles paste-over ‘butcher cover’ with way better music.

What’s the heaviest thing you sing about?
All of our song themes are just observations on daily life so they are all fairly grim. “Slaughterhouse” is about working a piece of shit job and slowly turning into everything you hate because of it, filthy until sterile is about removing all ‘morals’ from your life, “Cauterised” is about how it’s better to feel nothing than look weak, “Synthetic” is about how honesty gets you nothing in this world.

What’s the plan for the rollout of the tape – on Noisebleed?
 Tex made a bunch of tapes before he left for tour, so if you hit up Noisebleed Records or our mate Dave on Stocked Distro they should be able to hook you up. If you’re in Newcastle, Edo can hook you up. His distro has some ridiculous name that escapes me, but if you live in Newy and go to punk gigs, it won’t be hard to get a hold of.




Listen to and get the Suppressant tape, out on Noisebleed Records:

Suppressant play their first real-life gig this Friday, July 8, at Valve Bar, Sydney with Uncle Geezer, Disintegrator, Dog, Durry and Basikk Ekstacy

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