Welcome to The Geezer Dome: Uncle Geezer on domestic chores and hectic tours

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor


Uncle Geezer made the move from Tasmania to Victoria last year and the sounds (and smells) emanating from their Melbourne abode, The Geezer Dome, have been gradually getting wilder.

The trio’s brand new tape, She’s All Toke, rips bongs and tears new arseholes.

UB catches up with the band Joe Thowe (vocals), Joe Lawrence (guitar) and Seb Alcock (drums/vocals) – just as they’re about to abandon domestic life in The Dome to head out on tour in support of She’s All Toke, starting tomorrow night (Thursday, July 7) at The Reverence in Footscray.



How’s things at The Geezer Dome? Who does the least around the place?
The Geezer Dome has been a bit less dutched lately. Joe Lawrence has been a bit sick and is taking it easy. Seb is on uni break and busy putting together the tour, which there has been a few changes to; we will have a guest guitarist play Sydney with us so that should be fun! Joe Thowe has been working hard at his new job and is finally growing his beard back! And, believe it or not, our house is reasonably clean for a share house full of 22-year-olds! Our recycling got a bit out of control over the past few months but we’re finally getting on top of that (thanks, neighbours). Our yard is a bit fucked, we’ve had like 10 foster dogs since March, but are taking a break to get the yard back in order for the lord of the land. And as for who does the least around the house, we are all as shit as each other.

Who is the master chef of Uncle Geezer?
We all excel in our own areas. Joe Lawrence is the king of organics, soups and currys; Joe Thowe is the fry and breakfast warrior and will cure any woes you have with his deep fryer. Seb also cooks a kronic breakfast and can whip up the best pasta you will ever eat; you will never want to shit it out!

Do you find yourself humming UG tunes at work?
Yeah, we love our music. Ha ha! It sounds fucked to say but we do. If you don’t like your own bands songs then why are you in that band? Joe Thowe constantly screams throughout the house; from in the shower, to cooking and during bong-rips. We always encourage anyone really, to go have a listen or to come watch. Joe Thowe used to be a telemarketer and would tell all his clients about us, one of which we have actually met and came to a show in Adelaide. That’s what it’s about!

The new material is a step up from the Mickey Crafter split – what went into the new brew?
We did a little tour early last year, hitting NSW and SA for the first time, and played with some fucking truly gnarly bands. Nothing compares to the eye-opening we got that first tour. Seeing bands like Alf Stewart, Disparo!, Powerxchuck and Wounded Pig for the first time really traumatised us. That’s when it all started. The first jam we had when we got back, we could tell we were going to start writing better songs, we were stoked. Five things that inspired the new tunes: 1. First real tour and seeing truly amazing bands; 2. Needing to write and release new music; 3. Crazier, faster drums; 4. More cohesive and catchy riffs and rhythms; 5. Three rude boys from Tassie.

Tell us all that boring shit about where the recording was done and that…
We recorded the new tracks ourselves throughout May 2016. We snuck into RMIT University and tracked drums and guitar live. Seb simply mic’d the kick, snare, overheads and guitar and tracked them through a little Mackie mixer, mixed the levels and EQ on that, and from there, literally straight out of the desk as one stereo signal into Pro Tools. So Seb had to mix guitar and drums together as one track, which is pretty raw. We did the vocals back at The Geezer Dome. After Seb mixed the tracks we sent it to our mate Pat Broxton down in Tassie, a life-long friend and true legend, who mastered it for us. Tapes will be available through STOCKED Distro and on CD through us, our Bandcamp and on tour. There’s a few two-year-old songs on there and the rest were written the last year, since the whole band has lived in Melbourne. “Rocked Lobster” and “Marijuana Propaganda” are brand-crankers, never heard before. It’s a slice of what’s to come.

When you say “slice of what’s to come” – what are we talking here, hash cheesecake?
We are very excited about the music we have been writing and it would be ultimately perfect to follow up She’s All Toke with a full-length album of some sort, like 20 to 30 tracks of pure Skumpunk chaos. Or even just a full 7” would be the dream. Once we get on vinyl we will all be very happy young men. And a hash cake sounds great! Maybe include a slice with each copy? Basically we want to keep pushing out good music as quick as we can and keep giving any fans fresh tunes. We just want to say we’re here to play and here to stay.



Listen to and get She’s All Toke:

She’s All Toke Tour dates:
July 07 – The Reverence, Melbourne, Vic
July 08 – The Valve Bar, Sydney, NSW
July 09 – Drone, Newcastle, NSW (AA)
July 10 – Black Wire Records, Sydney, NSW
July 11 – Rad Bar, Wollongong, NSW
July 13 – Karova Lounge, Ballarat, Vic
July 14 – The Black Hatt, Geelong, Vic
July 15 – The Gunners Arms, Launceston, Tas
July 16 – Brisbane Hotel, Hobart, Tas

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