Outspoken Northern Rivers punx Masochist are in it for the GRRRLs

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor


For several years Rose Wadsworth has been paying tribute to inspirational women in punk and hardcore with ALL GRRRL ASSAULT fanzine. Now, as the voice out front of Masochist, she is one of those inspirational women.

Masochist is a fresh HC punk foursome from the Northern Rivers area of NSW (round Lismore kinda way) with a firm agenda and mouths full of spitballs. They’re about to unleash a debut EP, Malevolent, and they have a flurry of gigs coming up, including a double-header at Black Wire in Sydney.

UB talks to Rose about Masochist’s tendencies…


What started Masochist off?
James and I had been talking for a while about starting a band together, because the bands we had previously been in had all ended. I had always played guitar or bass in bands and I really wanted to try being a vocalist and writing lyrics. I felt like I had so much to say and was sick of feeling ignored. Releasing my zine ALL GRRRL ASSAULT made me realise how many other girls felt the same, and yet how strong and confident they were. It felt like so many hardcore/punk bands were writing about the same shit that had no meaning or point and we wanted to be a band that stood for something. There is so much to be angry and outspoken about, and we didn’t feel like we needed to be silent about it anymore.

What other bands have the members been in and what bands are you currently in?
I used to play guitar in a couple punk bands called The Snatchettes and Protestors Fall, and I filled in as a bassist with Selfish Act for a while – all have disbanded now and Masochist is my only band! James used to do vocals for Selfish Act and played bass in Charlie Banana, and Eddie currently plays bass in another Northern Rivers band Thunder God of the Multiverse. Our drummer Ned has always played in multiple bands; SubStation, The Snatchettes, Raygun Mortlock, Fly Agaric, Antimata, (there is definitely more).

Lyrically, conceptually, whatever… what are your primary collective concerns?
As a woman in the punk/hardcore scene, a lot of our songs are about trying to navigate macho ‘brotherhood’ types who try to stamp us out/keep us quiet. I’ve never understood why a subculture that’s meant to be so about acceptance is so isolating and cliquey. Beyond that, though, Masochist is all about empowering women/anyone who feels like society has outcast them. We are strongly anti-sexist, anti-racist, anti-homophobic, anti-fascist.

Tell us about Malevolent EP and where we can get one?
We recorded the EP with Al Pegg at Old Dog Studios in May. We smashed the whole thing out in a day, and Al also mixed and mastered it for us. We are releasing it on CD and digitally, and it has been picked up by Melbourne-based label Seventh Day Records for a limited run of tapes. Malevolent will be available in full from July 8 via our Bandcamp page and Seventh Day Records.


The EP artwork is sick. Who did that and what kind of a brief did you give them?
Matt Minter is the genius behind our EP artwork. He’s an artist based in the ’States and he is easily one of my favourites. I’ve followed his art career for a few years, so I knew I wouldn’t need to give him much of a brief – we gave him a very vague idea and pretty much just let him run with it. All of his work is really gory/abstract/sexual.

What are the gigging plans when the EP is out?
We have a small run of shows over the next month or so. We’re kicking off with Clowns here in Lismore July 12, then headed to Black Wire Records for a doubleheader over July 15 (w/ Dispossessed and Rort Menace) and 16 (w/ Melchior and Sick Machine and Skin Prison). We’re coming back for a Lismore show with Hostile Objects July 22 and then up to Brisbane on August 6, with more shows in the works over the coming months.


Sample the savagery of Malevolent:

2 responses to “Outspoken Northern Rivers punx Masochist are in it for the GRRRLs

  1. G’day, this is Al from Old Dog. We recorded the band live as the songs are quite short and fast and the band is quite tight anyway. We overdubbed another guitar layer and the vocals afterwards. Mixing process was quick due to the song length. Have a listen to “Hectic” and if you like what you hear, get in contact with me via the website or my email – al@olddogstudios.com.au

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