Manhunt: Continental hardcore champs take the fight to the USA

By Luke Buckler
Unbelievably Bad Contributor

Manhunt at Bluestone Church

Image by Nicole Goodwin

Based in Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, Manhunt are contenders for title of most geographically diverse hardcore band in Australia, but they put out records and tour with blatant disregard for the tyranny of distance.

UB had a chat to guitarist Darcy about the release of the 7″ follow up to the LP they put out last year, the US tour they’re about to embark upon (starts July 10), and Australian of the Year David Morrison’s plight to rid Australian workplaces of exclusionary language.



When’s the new record out? Who did you record it with? Can we expect any sonic surprises on it?
Hopefully the record will be with us on our US tour this July. We recorded it at the Blast Furnace with our very own bassist Moose on an old Yamaha 8-track tape recorder. It’s considerably less polished than the LP but probably a better representation of our sound. So if you were expecting slick production like the last record, I guess you could be surprised.

What’s the song “Circus” about?
Alix says that it’s about facing judgement in a classist world, and people buying into friendships and circles based upon materialistic things and aesthetic. It’s unfair that punk circles around exclusivity now with social “crews” and “armies” and “gangs” and people feel unsafe turning up to a show alone anymore.

How did you hook up with Televised Suicide?
We’ve know Ben who runs Televised Suicide for years. He’s a great guy who has supported Manhunt from the very beginning. Ben is an important pillar of the Australian punk and hardcore community. He likes what he likes and is unapologetic about it. TS put out awesome bands and have a great distro, too. I think it just made sense for him to put out the new 7″. We asked him really last minute, too, so massive props to him for saying yes without hesitation.

Manhunt is named after an Extortion song. Do you think playing poker is an ethical way to make a living?
I think playing poker is much more ethical than making a living off a lot of traditional careers.



How’s pulling the US tour together going? What bands are you playing with over there?
It’s a massive amount of work to do it all off your own backs but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We’ve done every Australian tour like that and it’s worked a treat, so this time it’s just more dates. We’re not sure who we are playing with yet really. We have some friends in Boston, Atlanta, Olympia and Chicago so most likely with some of their bands, but, honestly it’ll be cool to play with local bands and see what’s happening in the grassroots of American underground music.

Does the band have much planned once you get back home?
We’re the busiest bunch of people I know. Chris is actually staying on in Tuscon, Arizona to study rocks and dirt or some shit at the University of Arizona (Go Wildcats!) for six months. Moose and Alix will return to Adelaide and their respective careers, while raising guide-dogs and running the Blast Furnace. Jackson lives in Perth now. I think he just drinks coffee and plays drums all day in a shack on the beach. I myself will return to film school and working at a gas station overnight. I’m like a real-life Dante. As far as band stuff goes, I think we have a few shows in November organised but honestly, living in different corners of the country has put the brakes on pretty hard. We just take advantage of any chance to tour, but one-off shows probably won’t happen anymore.

Which is sketchier: Hindley Street, Adelaide or Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley?
The Valley. By far. Adelaide is a town full of aristocrats.

Is it OK to use the term ‘guys’ when addressing a group of friends or colleagues?
Like from a gender-conscious perspective? I try to say “ya’ll” most of the time to save from possible conflicts, but I’ve never had an issue with saying “guys” collectively before. It’s too case-by-case to make a general assumption though. I know some people that don’t identify as male get offended, but I know plenty more that don’t give a shit. Just do whatever makes people feel comfortable I guess. No need to be an arsehole about it from either side of the argument.


Manhunt’s new EP, Permanent Pain, is pre-orderable via Televised Suicide now:

Manhunt US dates:
July 10 – Orange County, CA
July 12 – Oakland, CA
July 13 – Portland, OR
July 14 – Olympia, WA
July 15 – Seattle, WA
July 16 – Atlanta, GA
July 17 – Richmond, VA
July 18 – Washington, DC
July 19 – Baltimore, MD
July 21 – Boston, MA
July 22 – New York, NY
July 23 – New York, NY
July 24 – Philadelphia, PA
July 25 – Cleveland, OH
July 27 – Detroit, MI
July 29 – Chicago, IL

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