Sun God Replica on making their third album Pozible

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor


Sun God Replica launched a Pozible campaign for their previous effort, The Devil and the Deep, and it worked. So they’re doing it again.

The Melbourne psych-pop-rock swizzlesticks have just launched a fresh campaign to get their new third album, Grandular Fever, onto wax. Click right here! 

Unbelievably Bad spoke to SGR lead singer, lead guitarist, lead songwriter, lead everything, Link ‘Meanie’ McLennan…



The album’s called Grandular Fever – what is the significance of the title, if any?
The title is all about arrogance and pride and the negative effect that has on creativity and relationships.

Right at this second, what’s your favourite song on it?
That changes every time I listen to it. But I want people to listen to different songs for different reasons. That’s what a good album is – a good landscape of songs that inspire different reactions. I think we’ve done that with this album. I guess at this second I’d say listen to “Watch and Destroy”, though. I absolutely love the manic ending that sounds like a whale being tortured.

The album will be out on Spooky Records again. What does Loki Lockwood bring as a friend, sound guru, label mogul, cat lover…?
I have done something like my last six albums (including GF) and it’s been a process of gradually gaining more and more trust and friendship with each other. He is the fourth SGR member. We have a really fluid and natural way of interacting with each other.

Which member of Sun God Replica is the doomsday prepper most likely to survive the impending global financial meltdown and subsequent apocalypse?
Probably not me, I don’t even know how to drive. Everyone knows that you have to be able to drive a fortress truck in an apocalypse. So, I guess that means Lochie [Cavigan, drums] will be the most likely candidate as he drives trucks for a living. I do think Lance [Swagger, bass] could charm the pants off a horde of cannibals though.

There is to be a Pozible campaign – what will that entail?
Pozible is all about getting the record onto vinyl. It’s a pretty cool way of generating pre-sales, not to mention a way of letting folk know that the record is finally on its way. This time we’re working with both Spooky Records and Beast Records from France so it’s going to be a bit easier to get it across the line. Apart from getting in early and being able to grab the record on coloured vinyl, we’re doing a short run of T-shirts and if you’re in Melbourne you can even book the band to play a house party.

What kinda car do you drive?
I ALREADY TOLD YOU, I DON’T DRIVE!!!! Sorry…it’s a sore point. My dad is a driver and I always wanted to be like him. BUT I WAS NEVER GOOD ENOUGH…WAS I DAD?…WAS I?…AHHHHHH.



Help get Grandular Fever on vinyl via Pozible:

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