Margaret River miscreants Beerfridge on their new album Punxtildeath

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor


Melodic Margaret River punks Beerfridge have a new recording on tap and it goes down like a bloody dream. But Punxtildeath is a much easier record to listen to than it was to make.

The band chipped away over a period of yonks to create the 12-song all-day-sesh propellant, as guitarist/vocalist Karl Ost explains as he opens up the ’Fridge for UB. Cheers.



How’s things in Margaret River – give us a bit of a local town report?
Hectic year. Played so many epic shows with so many amazing bands and put on some awesome old-school punk shows down here in the Deep South – no security. No stage. No earplugs. That’s the general rules. Winter is pretty much chill-out time for us this year. We just released our new LP, P. T. D, and launched it in WA with Cabin Fever and Ding Dong Death Hole. So just waiting for the sun to shine again. Have a few big shows coming into spring and summer, should be a ball ripper.

But aside from the band, how are things in the hometown?
Surf’s good in Margaret River. Don’t come here.

Beerfridge have a style where you can play with all different kinds of bands. Where do you draw the line?
I don’t really care what style the other bands are playing. I am just happy to put out my axe and headbang. But, yes, we have played with a lot of really different bands. We have a big range of styles we like and they all come out in what we play – roots, reggae, hardcore. Shit, we play with Dirty Sanchez and Suicidal Tendencies. Ha. It’s all about bringing on the good times, not about how cool your music is. Go hard and you will get respect.

What’s the worst rock sub genre of all?
Hate Doof Doof – that shit should have never been invented. It doesn’t really matter what style a band is playing. If they are having fun and pushing themselves, it shows and it’s enjoyable to hear, even if you don’t like the style. It’s the bands that try too hard to be cool that are boring to watch. Just be yourself and original and it will be good.

Punxtildeath is out now, or soon, or something. Tell us about it.
This was such a hard record to finish. We wrote most of the songs in the studio. It was over a long period of time, too. So just every little step and every finished track was an inspiration to keep chipping away. It was a long, hard road. I can’t be fucked writing it all down. Ha. Just listen to the shit. The record speaks for itself.

What’s next now?
We are going to the circus to make more punk rock!!!



Have a listen to and maybe a pre-order of Punxtildeath CD:

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