Septic Tankers: “A new way to channel the negativity” for Kitchen’s Floor’s Matt Kennedy

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor


Septic Tankers is something Matt Kennedy of Brisbane’s Kitchen’s Floor recently cooked up in his filthy, blackened mindspoon and it’s arguably more fucked-up than the famously fucked-up Kitchen’s Floor.

Playing all instruments – including the cardboard box and kitchen utensil drum kit – Matt recorded the harrowing four-song Slave to the Dial EP impulsively and thrust it out immediately via digital means. I hope he feels better because we sure don’t.

UB hears from the Septic Tanker himself…



Was there any specific inspirations for Septic Tankers?
I felt like doing the sort of music I had been making before Kitchen’s Floor, namely my old band Look Pond. Short, evil, no wave tunes with stabby shred guitar and irregular drums with the most nihilistic lyrics I can think of. This sort of stuff comes very naturally to me and the world is so damn weird right now in that I’ve never felt more alienated from it so Septic Tankers is a new way to channel the negativity.

How long had Septic Tankers been brewing and stewing in your mind and subconscious and what did it take to get it out?
In February I played a couple of solo shows in Sydney and was really inspired by everything happening around the Paradise Daily label. It’s seeing strong community minded DIY stuff like that that keeps me going. I was staying at Paradise Daily HQ in their rehearsal shed and I was lying on a mattress the morning after one of the shows, slightly hungover, staring at the old bits of wood and tin that made up the roof, and the name Septic Tankers popped into my head. Best band name ever I reckon so definitely had to make it a thing.

Couldn’t you have called this Kitchen’s Floor or is the whole concept different?
I’ve been doing Kitchen’s Floor for nine years now and by this point I’m pretty precious about it and what/how things gets released. Three albums in and I’m already planning the fourth to be huge and mature like with more acoustic stuff and different instruments – it’s going to probably be either pretty damn good or pretty fkn awful. Septic Tankers gives me an outlet to just shred and play some evil, heavy shit, m8.

How was Slave to the Dial EP recorded?
I did it all on my own at 116 over the last couple of weeks. The drum kit is a couple of cardboard boxes and various kitchen utensils; I just made use of whatever I had lying around. I’d record after coming home from work each night, soul-sucking call centre survey stuff, which is where the title of the EP comes from, and just let loose over a bottle of wine or whatever. I decided to do a digital release and skip the time and effort of doing a physical release because organising that stuff takes ages. There’s a lot of immediacy in the tracks so I liked the idea of releasing it immediately.

What was the last song you wrote?
“Yamsi” is the most recent; I did it the other week. I had just finished reading a biography about J. Bruce Ismay, he was the owner/manager of the Titanic and when it sank he escaped on a lifeboat under dubious circumstances and was branded a coward by the whole world.  He kinda shrugged it off but still spent the rest of his life as a recluse. I found it interesting how he inadvertently chose to live with that guilt and stigma over society’s demands that he should’ve gone down with his ship, as per duty and honour.  Either way, he was fucked, and the song is about that.

Can Septic Tankers be done justice live without the kitchen utensils?
Septic Tankers would sound heavy as hell with a proper drum kit. I’m keen to test things out. I haven’t recruited a line-up to play live yet. Brisbane’s a small place and everyone else is already busy with a million other bands so I’ve gotta find some people I get along with. No uni students, though, they’re a waste of time.


Listen to Slave to the Dial EP:

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