Knighty from Cosmic Psychos talks drinking and Europe and drinking in Europe

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor


Pic: Kane Hibberd

Cosmic Psychos have knocked back a few in Europe in their time and they’re gonna do it all again starting now (July 14).

With shows booked every day from here ’til the end of the month, their passports and drinking elbows will be in constant use.

Ross Knight (bass/vocals/barbells) talks to UB about Europe and drinking…




What’s one thing you most looking forward to about Cosmic Psychos touring Europe?

What is the best European beer you’ve come across?
Hurthog Ian – it’s called something in Dutch [Hertog Jan], but that’s what I named it. Or a stein of Austrian Pilsner downstairs from the place we stayed at one time when I had a horrible hangover. I’ve got no idea. How’s that for an answer?

What European band/s that you’ve met can collectively hold their liquor the best? Or worst?
I reckon The Rolling Stones can hold their own. I think Led Zep can hold a few down. The Beatles were more into pot, they didn’t drink much. Cellophane Suckers from Germany can drink OK. Any band that has morphed out of dB’s Studios in Utrecht can drink. Oh, The Pleasure Fuckers from Spain, fuck, they could drink.

What European city has the most beautiful women?
Copenhagen, ’cos I went for a haircut one day and I saw a girl go past on a pushbike and I thought she was a bit of all right.

What European city has the most beautiful men?
Copenhagen, ’cos they’re all really fit from chasing that sheila on the bike.

If there is one idea that the Europeans have that Australia should look to adopt, it’s… Is there anything?
Could they please adopt our politicians because we don’t want them?



Cosmic Psychos Europe 2016 tour dates:
July 14 – Back To The Future Festival, Glaubitz, Germany
July 15 – White Trash, Berlin, Germany
July 16 – Outside Rodeo Festival, Coburg, Germany
July 17 – Vera Groningen, The Netherlands (w/ Mudhoney)
July 18 – dB’s, Utrecht, The Netherlands
July 19 – Hafenklang, Hamburg, Germany
July 20 – KB18 KODBODERNE, Copenhagen, Denmark (w/ Mudhoney)
July 21 – Bukta Festival, Tromso, Norway
July 22 – Hori Smoku Summer Boogaloo, Helsinki, Finland
July 23 – Rypekroken Roadhouse, Oslo, Norway
July 24 – Het Bos, Antwerp, Belgium
July 25 – Undergound, Koln, Germany
July 26 – Strom, München, Germany
July 27 – Magnolia, Mailand, Italy
July 28 – Spazio Boss, La Spezia, Italy
July 29 – Freakout, Bologna, Italy
July 30 – L’Usine, Geneva, Switzerland
July 31 – Eier Mit Speck Festival, Viersen, Germany

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