Good Time Aussie Bogalars go on the highly offensive

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor

Good Time Aussie Bogalars_Unbelievably Bad.jpg

In case you don’t know what a “bogalar” (pronounced bo-gaa-lah) is, Bloody Kenneth Fucking Oath is here to explain…

“A Bogalar is a bogan Australian toddler,” says the drummer for Ballarat ‘cunt punk’ antagonists Good Time Aussie Bogalars. “It’s the earliest formation of a true-blue ocker, someone who is destined to be an alcoholic.”

Good Time Aussie Bogalars have been offending people in a part-time capacity since The Old Cunt EP in 2013. They do very well at it, all things considered.

UB shares a good time with Mr Oath as the band prepares for a hometown gig this Saturday (July 23) before hitting the road to rattle cages and flog copies of their latest regrettably (not to mention nonsensically) titled abortion, A Slab of Liquid Cunt.


What is the Good Time Aussie Bogalars ethos?
It’s just a bunch of wankers collaborating together to knock out a fuckin’ harsh live gig or a smash some crazy shit to wax – that’s what we’ve always done since this band started and nothing will change until we hang it out to dry. Musically we run it as a three-piece but there’s heaps of fuckin’ blokes who bring in various ideas to the band, different songs and an assortment of vocal sections for live or recording purposes.

What’s the definition of ‘cunt punk’?
The Bogalars just write abrasive shit and love it. Having a couple of main songwriters who all understand the finer details within the songs really takes the pressure off, then when the new tunes come rolling in it inspires more riff ideas and keeps the machine rolling along. As for the vocals, we came in knowing when we started this band that the lyrics and titles were up front, we’re not hiding them under the mix at any stage or suppressing anything that someone has to say, none of that shit, we have the vocals clear and right up there in your face. Plus, using a variety of vocalists also helps keep it fresh and exciting because you never know what you might end up with on tape or during our live show.

How’s things in Ballarat – give us a quick town report?
The Ballarat music scene is writhing with all kinds of original shit. Every cunt and their dog smokes up all day and jams all night. It’s been going on for decades. Tons of bands come and go, musicians stick around or fuckin’ burn out, there’s always venues supporting the up and comers as well as the old schoolers. This place has been knocking out all kinds of music from various genres for years and years – that’s just how its always been, yet it’s the heavy scene that’s really been so solid for so long. Check the history of some of the old-school thrash bands this town produced and it’ll make ya drip.

What’s the least rudest song on A Slab Of Liquid Cunt?
We don’t think about whether a song is going to sound rude to somebody or not. We’re not worried about how many times we can say the word cunt in a verse. We just get in the jam room to smash out ideas and move on to the next song. If people find our music rude or abusive they can fuck off. The first two EPs, Greatest Bong Hits and Cunt Punk, had the same ideals as this album, and if you really look at it all I doubt you’d be able to find one song in our entire catalogue that wouldn’t offend someone out there.

A slab of liquid anything would be impossible because science. What are the origins of the title and artwork?
For the album title we had a whole bunch of different ideas we were toying around with at the time, still, in the end A Slab Of Liquid Cunt was a title that could say a whole lot while meaning absolutely nothing. It pretty much sums up that fuckin’ album, it even sums up a whole lot of people’s lives. As for the artwork, all you really need is a photocopier and a set of nuts and away you go.

Who thought it was a good idea for Good Time Aussie Bogalars to go on tour, and what do you hope to achieve through such a foolish exercise?
Thanks to Sam at Blak Skul Records we have a big slab of Liquid Cunt vinyls and we are hunting for the people who are gonna crank that shit up, so we’ll start by driving around like dickheads to get loose up the east coast, hit up a heap of killer venues and knock out some fuckin’ high quality gigs with some ripper bands. Plus we’ll get to smash some serious piss in the process. It will be loose as fuck, so keep updated on Facebook. Can’t wait to kick it off and catch you all there. Cheers and beers.


Be reviled by and get A Slab of Liquid Cunt:

Driving Around Like Dickheads Tour dates:
Jul 23 – The Eastern, Ballarat w/Blind Man Death Stare, Cosmic Kahuna and Wolfpack
Jul 29 – The Basement, Canberra for Trapped Under Ice #2 w/Darkhorse and others
Jul 30 – Bald Faced Stag, Sydney w/Hammer, Sarcophaguts and Daggerz
Jul 31 – Jane’s, Wollongong w/AWOL, Alisons Disease and Catchers and Halves
Aug 5 – The Tote , Melbourne w/Uncle Geezer, Castration Party, GRUDGE! and The High Drifters
Aug 12 – Dancing Dog, Footscray w/Rotten Cheek, Maggot Bath and Bunyip
Aug 13 – KUBU Studio, Geelong w/G.S.R, Maggot Bath and Carcosa

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