Rockin’, rollin’ bass-haters Thee Loose Hounds walk the line between cooking and cooked


Pic: Daniel Grant

Perth rock ’n’ rollers Thee Loose Hounds swagger and stagger but barely put a foot wrong. The bassless trio – Graeme Duffy (drums), Matthew Rodrigues (guitar), Reuben Unkovich (guitar/keys) – will casually tear you a new one and cackle maniacally about it.

They’ve got plenty happening at the moment, including their debut EP – The EE PEE – and a 7” featuring tracks from the EP, and the brand new follow-up to the EP, plus some interstate dates and a hometown support for The Sonics.

UB tries to get across it all with Reuben…



Thee Loose Hounds’ sound has been described as “boozy rock ’n’ roll”. What is the booze of choice? How fine is the line between really cooking and fucking cooked?
We rehearse sober so we can lock it down; gives us more wiggle room to let it go when we perform. We’re all partial to a little Campari at any time, but if I’ve been on the Hop Hogs that’s when it starts to get good. If Graeme and I are on the Hop Hogs and Matty hits the ciders, then it’s really good. There was a show at 208 (a share house where you play in the living room) where I had maybe six Hop Hogs in an hour with no lunch or dinner in me, that’s probably when I landed on the wrong side of fucking cooked. I don’t really remember but I think I recorded it, I’ll have to dig it up.

What inspired the bands to become a band and were there ground rules laid down early?
It was a mental health exercise for me. I was so bummed about not being in a band I just needed to get on and start a new one. From memory the rules didn’t come ’til later. It started with a mess of really different songs I’d written, Graeme and I jammed a couple of times, we decided it needed another pair of hands, Matty was available. We just kind of threw shit at the wall to see what stuck, then the ones that worked better kind of grew into the sound. I think now we have a certain ruleset – definitely no bass, never let things get too easy so it stays wild, don’t take any of it too seriously. Actually keep it casual, don’t take it too seriously was the rule from the very beginning.

Tell us about the EE PEE?
The EE PEE was recorded in September or October last year. We spent six hours in our friends’ jam room out the back of a bike shop with Dr Bumface’s Tascam 4-track cassette machine – one mic on each guitar, two mics on the drum kit, no more than three takes of any song. I did the vocals on holiday in Melbourne with our pal Max Ducker of Mutton at Cellar Sessions, Jozef Grech helped us out with all the dumb percussion noises and the saxophone, and Mikey Young mixed and mastered it. We put it out ourselves under the Discs on the Bones moniker. The whole EE PEE is on CD and the first two tracks are on a 7”. You can pick ’em up from Bandcamp or from us at a show.


Pic: Alanna Kusin

What was the last song you wrote?
“Psychedelic music on your radio waves/You’ve got to sing about a spaceship til you’re green in the face”. It’s got a real Jay Reatard-style frantic organ lead, and I do a voice like Fred Schneider from The B-52’s.

What are the gigging plans when the EE PEE is out – and yes, you can brag about supporting The Motherfuckin Sonics!?
We’ve got another single coming out soon. We recorded it with the rest of the EE PEE but didn’t finish it in time. So when that’s out we do a little tour in August then we head back home in time to play with The Sonics in September. The Sonics show is a headfuck – we just emailed the promoter and he was like, “yeah sure, you got it.” I couldn’t believe it. Turns out we’ve been made by the secret garage rock mafia, somebody asked somebody who asked somebody who should do it and that somebody said us, so cheers for that. I imagine we’ll have to murder somebody later or something.



Listen to Thee Loose Hounds’ EE PEE:

Catch Thee Loose Hounds:
Aug 8 – The Bird, Northbridge
Aug 11 – The Metro, Adelaide
Aug 13 – The Old Bar, Melbourne
Aug 14 – The Tote, Melbourne

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