Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt expands on new EP, Accord/Dance

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor


Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt are bigger and “weightier” than ever on their new digi-only EP, Accord/Dance.

The Central Coast three-piece have cooled their jets a little and gone striving for spaz-epic glory with a sax and fiddle in tow.

Phat mofo Chris Kearnes talks to UB about it…



There’s more Fat Guys playing on the new EP – what’s happened?
Yeah so right…these guys are total ring-ins. Don’t even like them…ha! But in all seriousness, we’ve all been playing live on various projects now for about 13 years so interests change, relationships are made and the result is what you hear on the EP. Hopefully we’ll be able to get it all working live (something we really didn’t consider at the time) but I’d say mostly we’ll just be out normal configuration. Cheggs, Phil and I are all really great mates but you just get sick and tired of looking at each other so it’s good to get fresh faces in. People who have seen us regularly wouldn’t be surprised at the extra instrumentation because we’ve performed with sax and violin a few times. We had an extra guitar for a song the last gig which I wasn’t even aware of ’til halfway through! Since we’ve befriended some incredible musicians we wanted to use their talents for free before they started charging symphony rates (that’s where the real money is). I guess this move also comes out of the cliche trying to expand yourself sonically, see where it can go but keeping within the heavily gated paddock of heavy music.

What do you think prompted the change-up?
We always try to better ourselves I guess. It probably comes from that process of writing and recording, re-listening over and over again and then becoming bored before you even release it. Then you’ve got to play the music to others live. Which reinvigorates you but I feel you just want to try and advance with each recording. Introduce the other people in your life that are incredible talents themselves, they demonstrate passion and interest in what your doing and you just want to include as many people as you can. We’re people people. But ultimately it comes down to not wanting to make the same record. I’ve also mentioned this a couple of times at shows, but when you are content in your life, it’s hard to write aggressive music. The tone and composition of these songs may also reflect this aspect. Ultimately when we practice we just come out with whatever (within limits). We had another idea for this recording, which we’ll still ending up realising, but not for this time and place. It needed to be done this way due to the changes in all of our lives and what we could realistically commit to without jacking it in. If I was going to label it avant-spazz-grind. But my work colleagues call it heavy rock, y’know, like Triple M.

On the new songs – did the added instruments, different arrangements mean you recorded any differently to in the past?
We recorded at Jungle Studios which has a really nice room with acous….can you tell I have no idea what I’m talking about? But no, we really didn’t do too much different other than spend more time on recording so we could add more layers and have time to play around with effects (which we’ve usually strayed away from or of fear it won’t be able to be done live). Tim Carr does all our stuff. We trust him. He’s a Dad. He gets nauseous, etc. We sent it away to Seattle for mastering by Mell Dettmer who was recommended by Tim and Lachlan Dale (Art as Catharsis) due to her impressive back catalogue, rich textures and he fact she charges by the minute vs. track (an advantage for us).

The title, Accord/Dance – what does it mean?
The EP is all about the phases of a relationship and the disagreement of which phase you’re in. As a result of that disagreement there usually a tension where a person is pushing or pulling the mother into their preferred phase. The title reflects the thesis, antithesis and synthesis of this manoeuvre of time.

How is Accord/Dance gonna be rolled out?
Purely digital. Pay what you want. We are all fortunate enough to have passions outside this band which means we can keep it for purely creative purposes. If you do feel inclined to purchase all money will be going to charity (NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation for Torture and Trauma Survivors). A tour will be announced very shortly so watch our or our label’s Facebook (Art as Catharsis). Hope you have a computer.

Despite the name Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt, are your gigs still a “safe space” for overweight males?
No. Yes. Maybe.



Get a load of Accord/Dance:

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