Stream: Tankerville do six songs in six minutes on their debut 7”, I Want Your Blood

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor


Pic: Zo Damage

Tankerville started with a smoking Karaoke rendition of “Ace of Spades” and the spirit of Lemmy still watches over them (despite the fact they have no bass).

The Melbourne three-piece specialises in one-minute-or-less Motörhead-inspired punk songs, and they’ve jammed six of the bastards onto a 7” titled I Want Your Blood.

UB has the sneaky preview of it below, Tankerville are doing a show to launch it at The Old Bar this Saturday (August 6), and drummer Chris Drane is here to talk about it right now. How handy is that?!


Where did the members of Tankerville meet? And at what point was it that you knew that this was much more than a hunch that this group would somehow form a family…?
I couldn’t honestly tell you where we all met. So I won’t. Joel [Morrison, guitar/vocals] had just been dishonourably kicked out of the navy for some friendly fire, [Matt Duffy] ‘Chow’ [guitar/vocals] was on the way to his third arranged marriage and I’d just finished wrapping filming on the prequel to the huge martial arts film Drano’s Revenge. Mickey Rourke introduced us at the airport lounge in Dubai. It was love at first fight.

What other bands have youse been in?
Chow and I have played in a million bands together and separately including Shepparton Airplane, Cherrywood, Graveyard Train, Fuckface, Shooting At Unarmed Men, Ferla, Granny Killers, The Peep Tempel, A Friend Of Mine, The Escargo-gos, Craptallica, Green Tin, Waterloo and a bunch more with ridiculous names. Joel started learning guitar when he was three years old. Him and his mum were on tour with Mötley Crüe in ’86 and Mick Mars taught him everything he knew. Since then he’s wasted his talent on bands such as Assassination Collective, The Adults and Bodies.

What inspired Tankerville in the beginning, and has that changed over the time you’ve been playing?
We decided we would start this band when we were getting drunk at Karaoke at Cash Savage’s buck’s party. Joel and Chow got up and did “Ace of Spades” together and we were all like “duh… let’s start a band”. Since then we try to make decisions and write songs in less time than it takes to choose a song at Karaoke. Which is actually quite a while, come to think of it…

Where and when was the 7” recorded and who helped?
We recorded it a few months ago at my parent’s farm in regional Victoria. Max Ducker (Batpiss, Mutton, Bad Vision) came along and recorded everything along with Chow who ended up mixing it all. Joel and I were in charge of walking around smoking ciggies and talking to the cows. It’s gonna be released on 7” vinyl and online. You can already get it on Spotify and iTunes, but Jay-Z hasn’t responded to my emails about getting it on Tidal.

On your old “Breakfast Kebab” video by Chris Matthews (who’s done some amazing videos), can you please summerise it in an entertaining style that might make the person reading want to click the link?
If you haven’t seen our “Breakfast Kebab” clip yet, it’s an accurate depiction of us trying to do any exercise. It goes for less than two minutes and involves kebabs, little athletics, vomiting and space travel. Click on it, goddammit! But yeah, Flagz is doing some incredible stuff at the moment. His videos for The Drones and Gold Class are stupidly good. Gareth [Liddiard] riding a bike in lycra screaming about bogans is pure gold. Flagz, Thommy [Sloane] from Batpiss and I have a mini-TV show we’re working on called Wild Cuntry, it’s probably the best thing any of us will ever do. Kind of like a piss-take of “Postcards” with Foxy. Think that’s his name. We’re working on a few new videos with him at the moment. Lots of ridiculous ideas in store. The clip for “Springtimeflyinghatedemonofdeath” may or may not contain both papier-mache and green screens.

Got any solid gigging / touring / launching record plans?
The next major release is Joel bringing a baby into the world. So after the Melbourne launch, we’ll focus on finishing the album and getting some more videos out. But this Saturday at The Old Bar is gonna be a huuuuge night with a stupidly good line-up:
Spinning Rooms – One of our favourite bands and unfortunately for them some of the nicest people in Collingwood.
Ouch My Face – I have no idea how Joel managed to convince theses guys to get on the bill with us. He must’ve convinced them it was for a much better cause. They just did a cameo in Courtney Barnett’s new clip and Celeste gets to eat the blood of the other two in the band. That pretty much sums up their sound, too.
Bench Press – These guys are the new kids on the block, but they’re also the new kid who’s really cool and good at skating and all your mates desert you cause they’d rather hang out with him and you hate him for being so cool but then when you meet him he’s a total legend and you’re like “fuck”.
Shrimp Witch – We’ve played a bunch of shows with them and I always have that “Boyz Will Be Boyz” song in my head. Excellent lyrics and always give us a run for our money with their stage banter.

What’s with the warpaint in the photo?
It’s us backstage at “Tote’l Rumble” – a wrestling match style gig. They turned the pit in front of the stage into a wrestling ring and we beat a bunch of bands. But then Spacejunk came out and kicked our arses. We’re still recovering emotionally and physically. You wouldn’t wanna see the ‘after’ photo.


Listen to I Want Your Blood (it’ll only take six minutes):

Tankerville play this Saturday, August 6, at The Old Bar, Melbourne w/ Spinning Rooms, Ouch My Face, Benchpress and Shrimpwitch.


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