Wounded Pig have lined up the longest local grind tour ever

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor

Wounded Pig_live.jpg

Wounded Pig have lined up what we reckon is the longest local grind tour ever.

The South Australian grind/crust three-piece and their drum machine will be on the road for over a month when their album, A Permanent Mark, drops in October, playing all ’round the country backed by some killer supports.

UB checks in with vocalist Ben Whittenbury to hear of the gig pigs’ plans…


Five things that inspired A Permanent Mark?
Violence, hate, loss, love, depression. It’s inspired by real life shit. By things we’ve seen and done. A Permanent Mark is a cautionary tale, a reminder that all our actions have consequences. No one gets through life unscathed, everybody suffers. That is the general theme of the album and the title track.

Where and when was A Permanent Mark done?
The album was self-recorded mid 2016 in our hometown Mt. Gambier. It has a raw, venomous and hate-filled vibe, and Sam [Grills, guitar/programming] has done a fucking top job capturing that.

How will it be brung out?
At this stage the album will be a completely independent release available on CD and digital formats. It is set for a late September / early October release. Once we get back from tour we plan on looking for labels to do a vinyl and tape release.

There are major gigging plans afoot to launch it. Being on the road for a month in Australia is virtually unheard of for a local metal band. Are you trying to set a new record?
Originally we planned on doing about 15 – 20 shows for the tour, once we got the ball rolling we gained the help of a few awesome promoters that enabled us to extend the number of shows to 24. We are covering all states (except NT) and playing a fair few places we haven’t played before. It has all come together smoothly with no headfucks so far.

What things worry you most about the tour besides the threat of poverty?
There hasn’t been much to worry about with this tour, everything has fallen right into place. We had plenty of time up our sleeve to make sure it was done right and help from some absolute legends who are experienced in touring and putting on shows. A lot of people put their hand up offering to help us out with venues, backline and supports to smoko and roof over our heads and everything in between. We have a solid crew on board for this tour. No stress or worry at all. Plus we mainly graze on foliage, so feeding us is cheap.


A Permanent Mark Tour dates:
Fri Oct 14 – Animal House, Adelaide w/ Hexis, Siberian Hell Sounds
Sat Oct 15 – Adelaide @ Enigma Bar, Adelaide Metal United Down Under
Sun Oct 16 – Worldsend Hotel, Adelaide w/ Facegrinder, Meth Leppard, Whoregasm, Bukkake, Sickness
Thu Oct 20 – Beats and Bass, Geelong w/ Uncle Geezer, Rotten Cheek, Cynical Fuckwit, Carcosa, Dead Root
Fri Oct 21 – TBA, Tasmania
Sat Oct 22 – TBA, Tasmania
Sun Oct 23 – Brunswick Hotel, Melbourne w/ Clogged, Wrong, Pralines & Dick
Wed Oct 26 – TBA, Shepparton w/ Vulture Culture
Thur Oct 27 – The Basement, Canberra w/ Wretch
Fri Oct 28 – Pyrate House, Sydney w/ Frame 313, Suppressant, Grim, Durry
Sat Oct 29 – Bald Faced Stag, Sydney w/ Crypt, Daemon Foetal Harvest, The Plague
Sun Oct 30 – Croatian Club, Newcastle w/ Frame 313, Piece of Shit, John Howard, Avian Terror
Tues Nov 1 – Gollan Hotel, Lismore w/ Masochist, Common Enemy
Thur Nov 3 – The Haunt, Brisbane w/ Shackles, IDYLLS, Siberian Hell Sounds
Fri Nov 4 – The Coronation Hotel, Ipswich w/ Dreamkillers, Shitgrinder, Three Minute Pussy, Reptilian Civilian
Sat Nov 5 – Fat Louie’s, Brisbane w/ Brazen Bull, Hurricane Death, Descent, Povarotti
Thur Nov 10 – Music Man Megastore, Bendigo w/ Grudge!, Stone Djoser, Callous, Dead Root
Fri Nov 11 – The Eastern, Ballarat w/ Grudge!, Rotten Cheek, Bury Me in Autumn, Good Time Aussie Bogalars
Sat Nov 12 – TBA, Melbourne w/ Odiusembowel, Black Jesus, BOG, Maggot Bath, Internal Nightmare
Sun Nov 13 – The Tote, Melbourne w/ Odiusembowel, Pissbolt, Christ Crusher, Grudge!
Thur Nov 17 – Flanagan’s Irish Pub, Mount Gambier w/ Christ Dismembered
Fri Nov 18 – Civic Hotel, Perth w/ DeathFuckingCunt, Facegrinder,
Sat Nov 19 – Prince of Wales, Bunbury w/ Facegrinder, Rabid Abbot, Fetus Fertilizer
Sun Nov 20 – Crown and Anchor, Adelaide w/ Meth Leppard, Shame Worn, Putrescent Seepage

One response to “Wounded Pig have lined up the longest local grind tour ever

  1. To whom it may concern,
    Re: Sunday, November 13. Christcrusher have not even been asked to play this show.
    We are not playing. 🙂
    I hope this is clear…

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