Premiere: Flour’s new video “There She Goes” sees Gene Simmons die a painful death

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor

Flour_There She Goes.jpg

Flour are hereby unveiling their latest video for the track, “There She Goes”, the A-side of a new 7″ coming in a couple of weeks via Poison City.

Check it out right here:

The video is anothery from Defero Productions genius Chris Matthews, and features the green-screened group (and guest vocalist Grace Cummings from Arthur Penn & the Funky Ten) in front of moving pictures drawn by guitarist/vocalist Steve Cohen.

UB asks Steve if green screen is the future of music videos…


Is green screen the future of music videos?
To be honest, I was against the whole green screen thing because I think it’s pretty lame, but when Chris mentioned he could animate my drawings behind us playing it all of a sudden it didn’t sound so lame to me anymore. It could be the future, I’m not sure. I’ve never been part of green screen before, but now I know what I could actually do with it I’m sure we will punish it to death now.

In the video Ace axe kicks Gene and a Stonage Romeos dinosaur eats his face – it’s a hell of a metaphor. What does it mean?
I liked dinosaurs when I was younger, but then when I got Stoneage Romeos as a teen I thought that they were the fucken sickest creatures. What a good record cover. There’s no metaphor to it at all. I literally looked in one corner of my room and saw Gene Simmons, and then looked in the other corner and saw an orange T-rex, and the first thing I thought was that Gene should be getting fucked up by the dinosaur.

People are always watching TV in your videos. What are your favourite shows at the moment (besides Saturday Night Live, Monday Night Football, Jefferson’s, Vega$, etc.)?
I don’t even watch TV really, unless I’m extremely bored. I don’t really know why we always have TVs in our stuff. I like drawing them a lot, I guess. The only thing I want to watch is The Damned documentary but I can’t find it online anywhere, which is annoying me so bad.



Pre-order “There She Goes” / “If I Was Bored” 7” and limited edition T-shirt from the Poison City shop:

Flour is playing live in Victoria on and at:
Saturday Aug 12 – The Eastern,  Ballarat
Friday Aug 19 – The Old Bar ( 7″ launch )
Friday Sep 9 –  PCR weekender, Max Watts
Saturday Sep 10 – Polyester Records In-store
Friday Sep 30 – Chopped Festival

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