Bonded by Beanflipper, Unbound revel in the sounds of ordinary madness

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor


Briz-based Unbound have only been round for three shows so far but there’s a few things about them that impress us already. Their pedigree is feral and their line-up perfectly tilted, with two old nineties stagers and two hungry cubs. Plus, they are the first band ever whose primary influence is Beanflipper. They also toss around names like Massappeal, Damaged, Christbait, Magnacite… You can see why Unbelievably Bad is so dead keen.

UB gets introduced to Unbound – KP Weston (vocals), Rick Girvan (bass), Tim ‘Bloky’ Hellier (guitar) and Jake Curtis (drums)…


Tell us about your shady pasts?
I’ve played in Menace To Society, Shirtlifters (guitar) and Sick Society (vocals). Currently sing in Sick People and play guitar in Ripped Off as well as bass in Unbound.
Jakob: Drummer in Where’s The Pope? from Adelaide in late eighties, Pissed On for a few years up in Brisbane.
Bloky: I also play bass in The Submissives but the drummer became an alcoholic and died so Unbound is now my full-time job.
KP: Although I have been dabbling since I was a younger fella I feel like this is one of the best times for me ever, as far as bands are concerned, so I would prefer to not dwell on the yesteryears. I currently sing in a dual-vocal pure death metal band with my kid brother and best mate called OceanofzerO. I am also a second vocalist in a heavy-arsed D-beat band still in its very foetal stages called Shitfun. My wife is doing dual vocals with me in that one! I fucking love sharing the duty for the contrast and also for the doubled-up ferocity. RickUnbound will possibly be doing more vocals henceforth, too, it appears, so let’s just say I am a happy little chicken if that is the case. I am a massive Rupture fan and Rick’s vocals sound like they are spewing forth straight outta a Guschamberish like arsepipe, to my ears, hence my excitement!


What sparked Unbound to life?
 The nineties would have to be the main influence. I can’t remember much of the nineties but from all I can gather white guys with dreads and flannos into Mindsnare’s Under Fire CD and 25 Ta Life. And the fact that Rick was the only other person I knew who liked Beanflipper was the reason we started Unbound.
Rick: The biggest factor is all of us being massive fans of “unique” Australian acts from years gone by and there being not much like it anymore (speaking specifically from this kind of “sound”). For me and Tom [Bloky] starting the band, Beanflipper was a huge part of it. For myself bands like Christbait, Beanflipper, Massappeal, Damaged, Magnacite, Tutti Parze, etc. are a huge driving force, and lots of nineties Oz death metal.
KP: From what I know the fellas were already well underway with getting songs together when I received a phone call from Rick asking if I was keen to have a belt as vocalist in a new Brisbane-based band (Note: I live 115 clicks north on the Sunshine Coast). I think they were having a hard time finding someone into what Rick told me at the time was heavily inspired by old Melbourne bands like Beanflipper, Damaged and Christbait. No wonder they had no luck! I was so stoked to be asked to join a band for the first time in my life (I have always started ’em!), I did not hesitate; although I secretly considered it doomed from the start given their lavish intent. Fortunately, my lame assumptions were quickly fucking jammed straight back up my clacker at the first session I attended. I reckon one could also throw a bit of older Massappeal into that mix too; that is what I faced! Subsequently, near three or four sessions later, I had still not uttered a word into a microphone as I felt completely unworthy and so I subtlety suggested that they maybe source another victim! But the fuckers acted like they did not hear a word and a fortnight later I was on the road to Brisvegas again with five sets of the shittiest nihilistic darkened pessimistic blood ritual-soaked lyrics I could muster thinking that may be my way out. Fuck it, I was still obligated after that session, too! Anyways, I have since thrown pride to the wind and am giving it crack, but being a tad older it is completely thrashing my mind and body in the process. Yet, because there is such a mad energy going on between us as a unit I am honestly already manically addicted to this feeling of thrashing out. Whether we sound like the previously mentioned or not, that’s up to the listener to decide. It is certainly intense and heavy as all-fuck at least, and that’s what counts to me, as a metalhead! Stoked.


How do you describe Unbound’s sound to the sonically uneducated?
 When me and Rick started the band we had this idea to start a band that sounded like Beanflipper. I thought we were going OK but after are first show this old cunt from Ipswich says, “Yeah, you guys are OK but youse don’t sound like Beanflipper.” So to answer your question, I guess we sound pretty fucked, which is good.
Rick: Jakob reckons it sounds like a building site setting up foundations in the morning. I reckon it sounds like having the worst trip of your life whilst each side of your body is tied to a bullet train about to take off in different directions and tear you apart as you get sucked into the depths of hell.
KP: Four banana-bent blokes aspiring to Sounds of Ordinary Madness circa 2016.

Is there room for humour in what Unbound does?
The whole concept of two guys in their 20s playing in a band with two old people who came out of the nineties is a humerous concept in itself. But seriously, if there wasn’t room for humour, I wouldn’t be doing it. I like to be serious and try and tackle serious issues but you gotta really step back and try and have fun or else I’ll be having a midlife crisis at the age of 24.
Rick: There’s definitely room for humour. We’re four massive fuckin’ idiots who don’t mind takin’ the piss, but also we’re happy to push an envelope and talk about shit if we feel it’s necessary. Plus, there’s nothing funny about being the Cosmic Psychos’, rippin’ ’n’ diggin’ is serious business.
KP: The world is one big fucking circus and we are all wearing invisible clown suits so those that take ’emselves too serious are still a part of the big parade either way. Life is a fucking joke from the second we are ripped from the fucking womb! So if ya not laughing by now, ya straight fucked, I think!? On top of that, TommyTiger, our axe man, is possibly one of the most innocently hilarious cunts I have ever met – without a sense of humour it would be pure torture trying to sort him out otherwise.

Tell us all about the tape that’s coming out…
Rick runs NGM Records so if he doesn’t put it out and distribute it around the world, he’s a dog. As for the songwriting, me and Rick wrote most of it in the NGM Records store basement. We would listen to Damaged for inspiration but I’d always go, that’s fucked no way I could play like that, and switch it to “War on the Streets” by Cro-Mags to get me worked up then I’d listen to Beanflipper on repeat and the riffs just came.
Rick: We recorded it across July 30 to August 1 with Chris Brownbill (Underground Audio / Idylls guitarist / Sick People bassplayer) we’ll self-release under NGM Records most likely, 100 or whatever copies. We’ve got some artwork coming together at the moment thanks to Zombo from Rupture, and KP’s old mate from Nation of Hate, Danny [Young] did us up a logo. As for the writing it’s been pretty much go-go-go since February. Me and Tom hang out all the time and fuck around with riffs especially before we practice on a Monday night. We’re usually jamming like two or three times a week…we’d jam every day if we could.


How many shows have you done so far? Got plans for coming to Sydney pretty soon – throw a plug in here?
KP: Off the top of my head it is a mere three shows down!? No doubt the other lads will confirm that. Ipswich last month with Dispossessed, Trainspotters in Brissy a week or so later with Hostile Objects, and two weeks ago in a park in West End with Comfort. That was sick ’coz it was on dirt so I could roll around and grovel with the worms without suffering too much from bruising and grazing! Fucking mad fun, eh! In Ipswich, Dispossessed approached us straight after our set and invited us to Sydney, which is a fucking honour (naturally we opened that night). So yeah, here we come (via Newy) ready or not, haha! Hail to the traditional custodians of what is now the shithole we call ‘Australia’. Fuck this joint coz I hate it personally and wipe my arse on its constitution and the putrid faces of its colonial origins.
Bloky: In August we got Newcastle and two Sydney shows, September we got three Melbourne shows and hopefully an Adelaide show. I’m also trying to bring the band over with me on my holiday to New Zealand but it’s proving difficult cause everyone’s too relaxed over there to organise anything.
Rick: As of right now we’ve done a grand total of three shows. August 25 we’re at the Croat in Newcastle with Dispossessed, Staunch and Meth Muscles, the 26th we’re in Sydney at the Chippendale with Stanley Knife, Robber, Darkhorse and Morte Lenta, and the 27th we play No Town Fest in Marrickville, which I have to thank Dispossessed massively for asking us to come down and play. September 16-18 we’ll be in Melbourne playing some sick shows, too…we’re definitely not going slow.


Unbound heads south for the winter, playing Croatian Club, Newcastle on August 25, Chippendale Hotel, Sydney on August 26, and No Town Fest at Portugal Madeira Club, Sydney, on August 27.

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