Death metal vets Crypt are back and festy as ever

By Theo Umbrivides
Unbelievably Bad Contributor


Brisbane is a prick of a place. It’s really hot, all the houses have legs and the people speak with that weird upward inflection that makes everything they say sound like a question.

Places like Brisbane, however, are perfect breeding grounds for sick and twisted music: And they don’t come much more sicker and twisteder than Brizzo’s own death-groove-zombie-metal legends Crypt.

We catch up with Nathan Pilch, the band’s guitarist, to discuss reunions, boxsets, farting, gender, race and why Brisbane is such a cunt of a place.


How did the Disgusting Zombie Metal boxset come about? Don’t you think there’s already enough death metal records out there?
Fuck no! Not enough good ones anyway! We were approached by Chris [Anning] from Infernal Devastation about reissuing the music, this got us all in contact again at which point we thought we’d get it started ourselves and see what happened. EVP Recordings were kind enough to release it for us and Mike from the label had the idea of a clamshell box with a patch, which we all thought was a fucking sick idea!

You’ve been practicing for your upcoming shows. How’s the vibe in the rehearsal room? Who does the worst farts in there?
Initially the vibe was one of almost disbelief that it was actually happening, especially with all original members (albeit in a tweaked line-up of our second drummer Cliff Young now being on bass). Once that wore off the reality was that it was sounding killer and we couldn’t wait to get our arses on stage to play the shit, especially once we had the first rehearsal with Grant [Martin, vocals], as we had been working the music up as a trio over a couple of months. No farts of note to report, but I have seen Cliff down six nuggets, two apple pies, some kind of chocolate cream-topped monstrosity calling itself a drink, followed by beef jerky and two cans of V…there must have been some level of unruly rumblings created from that mess.

How does it feel when you’re playing songs from your demo. Does it take you back in time like some sort of maggot-encrusted Delorean?
Feels good. The songs hold up, they still sound heavy as fuck. A maggot-encrusted Delorean would be fine with me if Emmett Brown was driving.

How have your lives changed in the 15 or so years since Crypt was active? Wives? Children? Careers?
Yeah, all of the above.

Brisbane could’ve been Australia’s Tampa. What was it like playing metal there in the nineties?
Pretty wild, I mean Grant and I used to slice ourselves to ribbons with razors before we played live in the early days. Lots of good bands, lots of crazy shit going on, a lot of people in the scene were living and breathing the music 24/7…Brisbane was (and still is) a pretty dark place in certain parts of the city. I’ve been living in Melbourne for almost 15 years and have come back here to live temporarily. One of the first things I noticed is the Valley is still as B-grade as it has always been!

I went to a metal show the other week and was blown away by how many good-looking chicks were there. Did many girls come to Crypt shows? Are you expecting many to attend your reunion shows?
Never. It was 99% dudes, and 95% of those (us included) were ugly motherfuckers, too. Hahahaha.

Do you like lemon pie?
There’s a time and place for everything, lemon pie included.


Crypt’s three-CD boxset, Disgusting Zombie Metal, is out August 26 on EVP Recordings. Pre-order from

Catch Crypt re-animated:
Sep 10 – Crowbar, Brisbane
Sep 17 – The Tote, Melbourne
Oct 29 – Bald-Faced Stag, Sydney

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