Ausmuteants on their new “Pet Sounds X You Goddam Kids! opus”, out Friday

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor


Pic: Stolen from Facebook

Future dudes Ausmuteants have just got back from a European trip where they travelled around taking awesome photos of themselves to put on Facebook that would make everyone back home in Geelong heaps jealous, and also playing a couple of shows.

Their new album, Band of the Future, is out official like this Friday (August 26) via Aarght Records and it’s sure to be the feelgood hit of the winter.

UB has a speak to the jetlagged Ausmuteant known as Jake Robertson…


Judging by the typical “look how awesome my life is” posts that were going up on the Ausmuteants Facebook page during the recent Euro tour, we take it you had a good time?
People were literally queuing up for miles just to get a glimpse of us. We partied with members of Wolfmother, Silverchair and Living End. Literally every member of the audience of every sold-out show was both singing along to every word, even for the banter.

Playing on top of a bus in France? Did you feel just like Wendy O Williams in “The Damned” video?
I tell ya what, it felt neat neat neat. Wish we had a couple of TVs to smash and a shotgun, though.


Pic: Stolen from Facebook

How was Band of the Future done and was the process much different to previous recordings?
Some songs took a long time to write, some songs were pretty much made up on the spot – kinda like Pet Sounds. This one was the first one recorded by Lil Tommy Meldrum. His obsession with Geza X helped us craft our Pet Sounds X You Goddam Kids! opus. It was actually pretty easy. Most songs are the first take, it didn’t take long to set up and Rich Stanley came halfway through with pizza and a bottle of Fanta. I guess the long part was listening to Tom talk about Eno for days.

What’s your favourite song on Band of the Future?
Dunno. Maybe “Cross Eyes” because A) I didn’t write it, and B) I get to do a mad synth line at the end.

We’re guessing you’ve already started recording something new. Tell us all about that?We haven’t started the recording but we’ve had an LP and an EP all written for a while. The LP is a concept album written 100% by Shaun about the everyday life of being a police officer. Just a regular dude with a $100,000 a year job that he’s not going to risk on beating up a piece of shit like you. The EP is called Horny World. The concept is obsession. Pretty sure at this point the EP will just be an online release to suit the nature of the lyrics.


“Music Writers” is the first song released from Band of the Future:

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