Adelaide grind two-piece Meth Leppard going full speed

By Tex Bradley
Unbelievably Bad Contributor


What has nine arms and sucks? Def Leppard.

Adelaide’s Meth Leppard, however, are a different story. The two-piece grindcore bonanza have four arms, sharp coiffures and grooves smoother than the segue from that tasteless joke to this very introduction paragraph.

The duo are all set to bring their punk grind ditties to Sydney for the very first time this December, followed by a romp through the United States in 2017.

Frontman Ryan Cheeseman pours some sugar on UB.


In the near two years of the band’s existence, you’ve kept it fairly modest on the touring front, but now you’re gearing up for a US tour next year. How did that come about?
Touring has been hard for us due to work and other band commitments but we have managed to play a few shows in Melbourne, Perth, Byron Bay, Adelaide and record a demo tape and two splits. I play in another band called Powerxchuck and Kieran plays in Seminal Embodiment and Truth Corroded. Over the years I have been in contact with many American bands and gained some great friendships. Due to this we have received an overwhelming amount support booking our six-week tour of the States next year.

You two have been in a few bands over the years. Most Adelaide bands that I know of, in fact. Care to rattle them off?
I played in Guantanamo Bay City Rollers, Corrupters, Peter Brock, Space Bong and currently Powerxchuck.

Tell us about the upcoming split 7″ with Hungarian hardcore grindlords Jack.
I was blown away by Jacks’ 2015 Neurozis LP so I hit up the band and asked if they were interested in doing a 7″ split. Surprisingly they replied saying they loved the Meth Leppard demo and agreed to do the split. I hit Wooaaargh Records (Germany) who previously released the Powerxchuck/ANF split and they agreed to help out with a co-release. The other labels contributing are Drinkin’ Beer In Bandana Records (Hungary), Loner Cult Records (Belgium), Mono Canibal (Spain), Grindhead Records (Aus), Stocked Distro (Aus), Ill Faith Records (USA), Grey Water Collective (USA). The Meth Leppard/Jack split 7″ will be out in January 2017.


Have you got any other releases in the works? More splits? An LP?
In September we start recording for our split with US band Durian. Durian consists of members from Chainsaw To The Face and they deliver some catchy, intense, in your face grindcore. I am so excited for this release and have much respect for the guys. We will eventually work towards doing an LP if I can start writing songs longer than a minute.

You’ll be appearing at a couple of pretty decent festivals in the US. Of all the bands you’ll be sharing the stage with over there, who are you most excited to see?
There are too many bands to mention. All the festivals are stacked with so many amazing bands that I have wanted to see for a long time. Summer Grind Fest (LA) will include bands like: FiendBRUCExCAMPBELLHemdaleDeathtoll 80KConcussiveNak’ayCryptic Void and many more. Maryland Deathfest is also stacked, including legends Siege reforming for a set plus Terrorizer playing the World Downfall album start to finish. Aus grind legends Captain Cleanoff will also be joining the bill.

How do you get away with playing in a grindcore band and having such a fresh haircut?
I am an undercover hipster. I enjoy brown clothing, superfoods, cafe banter and complaining. Nah, I got sick of pulling my long hair out of my food and people asking me if I like Pantera.


“Def Crust Dogs”:

Catch Meth Leppard on:
Oct 16 – Worldsend Hotel, Adelaide
Nov 20 – Crown & Anchor Hotel, Adelaide
Dec 02 – Black Wire Records, Sydney
Dec 03 – TBA, Newcastle
Dec 04 – TBA, Sydney

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