Hate Force Five have released the Unbelievably Baddest debut of the year

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor


Pic: John Hall

Adelaide trio Hate Force Five sent us their debut CD, The Bunyip, and it was nonstop on the boombox at Unbelievably Bad HQ for weeks afterwards.

I remember we’d only just gotten to the chorus of “Hate the Government, Love the (Fuckin’) Dole” when Theo goes, “Reminds me of Celtic Frost and Sex Pistols!” Glenno, nodding slowly in time to the all-too-human electronic drumbeat, says, “Geez, this is special.” With a stupid smirk (which luckily for him was partly obscured by his beard), Furious Luke states the bleeding obvious: “We need to interview these guys!”

An argument was about to kick off about which of us would have the privilege of interviewing the Hate Force, but as the guy who opened the Post Pack in the first place, I pulled rank and now here we are, speaking to vocalist Adolf Goldstein, our new hero…


It’s called Hate Force Five but there’s only three of you – are you playing games with us?
Of course not…originally there was five of us but when you start a band there’s always a few loser/hang-on types that play on heroin the first few jams then claim they were in the band. Original bass player Seth ‘punk’ Reagan quit heroin, meth and other drugs and embraced Buddhism and lives in Nepal now, but luckily for us is rich, and his parents still drop round a carton, a bottle of spirits and a half of weed to keep us rockin’ and remember him. We had a female guitarist Irene ‘Countess Ice’ who was involved in the local ‘Roller Derby’ sport scene, but unfortunately she spent so much time in either rehab due to meth addiction and roller derby training, she stopped showing up. None of them wrote any songs and only were there to pay for our drugs and food at the end of the day. If we find someone that has money to give us, and talent, and hopefully aren’t addicted to meth, maybe we’ll let them join the band.

How did HFF come together and what are those electro drum thingies?
Hateforcefive have been going since around January 2014 when I guess we started practicing at John’s house and writing tunes. John Wayne Vein plays guitar, with Pissed Off Peterson on drums and myself, Adolf Goldstein, on vocals. The whole electro drum thing began because we didn’t have to take as much equipment to practice, as the drums were always set up there…it’s part of our set up and sound now and there’s no way we’re going to change that. Peterson also plays ‘normal’ drums in a band here called Pigsteerer, which is more punk/thrash, etc. We played our first show in October 2015 with The Pro-Tools and The Fuck Ups and since have played around 10-12 shows, including a few ‘burlesque’ parties and some skate ramp gigs which have been great. Probably our biggest audience/show was the Mid-Coast Meltdown gig down South of Adelaide at the Port Noarlunga Football club with The Bearded Clams, Numbskulls, etc, we’ve somehow done a few shows there. Otherwise we did a live-to-air set on 3D Radio here in Adelaide last week. We played with a stack of black/death metal bands last weekend too so we get around a bit.

Which member of the band is usually the last to drop at the end of a big night?
Either myself or Pissed Off Peterson, depending on the night. Although I must say Peterson might only last longer because he drinks slower and spends a fair bit of time rolling joints, whereas I’ll focus on the cask wine and pre-mixed bongs with tobacco. John Wayne Vein can smoke a 40-pack of cigarettes per night and I don’t know anyone that match him in that aspect, but Petersen and myself drink a lot more, especially me.


Pic: John Hall

On your song “Fucken Angry” you sound fuckin’ angry. Wanna give us a quick shitlist?
There’s a lot of things so we’ll put them in no particular order, which are: politicians, including Malcolm Turnbull, Bill Shorten, Nick Xenophon and Pauline Hanson. Religious oppression, running out of smokes, booze or weed. Golf courses and capitalist rich golfers, too. Tax when it’s us, Royalty. The rich and powerful, including Gina Reinhart. Fringes poking out from under baseball caps. Nu metal in the nineties and so called r&b. Blunt knifes. Stepping in dog shit as well as ads for exercise machines, corporate capitalism, Aldi, Woolworths and Coles. Slipknot for touring Australia and being so dumb, and anyone that likes Earth Crisis and Smith Street Band, as well as anyone that doesn’t like Turbonegro, Sleep and Iron Maiden. We hate everything all the time and ultimately anyone that doesn’t like us is fucked so we’re at war both philosophically and musically with them and we’ll never stop fighting on such issues.

Where and when was The Bunyip recorded, who helped and how can people get their grubbies on it?
It was recorded at this rehearsal studio AGS down in Hackham in the bogan/crime area South of Adelaide. We had to pack knives to defend our casks of goon and cartons of Coopers, but it all added to the feeling and sounds we were trying for, ala Straight Outta Compton and Reign In Blood. It was mixed by Dave and people can get it via our Bandcamp.

What’s inspired the sound of The Bunyip CD?
A stack of sounds that we’ve listened to over the years including thrash, traditional metal, punk, classic rock, doom/sludge but mainly our combined hatred of consumer capitalist society, rich people, stupid people and generally anyone that doesn’t like our band.

Tell us the story of “The Bunyip” from the title track, and is that him on the CD cover?
Yeah, it is, the original bunyip was changed in the late-eighties due it being ‘too scary’ and they changed it to a female and added a baby bunyip. Non Adelaide/SA people might not get it but as well as being the bunyip from indigenous culture, here in SA in a town in Murray Bridge (about 40 minutes out of Adelaide, along the Murray River) there’s this bunyip in a cage with scary background. You pay a dollar and it rises out the water and roars at you in a fuckin’ scary way a few times until you put in another dollar and get it all again. Some Adelaide people think it’s a big joke so the song’s about them. It’s about someone who thinks the bunyip is a joke, but then the bunyip curses and kills him in revenge. Eventually this prick that laughed at the bunyip becomes transformed into another bunyip in the cage as punishment. So the moral of the story is: Don’t fuck with the bunyip or you’ll become what you fear. John Wayne Vein is also from Murray Bridge and it scares him (and the rest of the town) to this day.


Pic: John Hall

“Wanna See Ya Tits” – is that based on a true story?
In some ways, but it’s more a political and philosophical journey. I guess we’ve all seen people of differing political views, whether you’re at a crust party or at some gathering of right wingers, you hear those tokenistic views. In the song you go to a few different places and hear different views (Anarchist/socialist/communist, etc) but [the protagonist] eventually decides that after all these philosophies he’s decided to pursue more urgent things, like getting laid, pashing and seeing boobs. That’s what the song’s all about.

Great sentiment onHate the Government, Love the Dole”, but it’s getting harder to stay on the dole these days. Crackdowns. Got any tips for getting on it and staying on it?
It definitely is, which makes the song more vital. With the job networks, tabloid media ‘dole bludger’ stories, populist right-wing labour/liberal governments and pointless Work For The Dole stuff, it gets tricky. Firstly, taking pot smokers for example, a good idea is to sell enough to a small network of friendly smokers so you actually smoke for free. Otherwise, if you don’t have much beer money when you go to shows, drink goon/cask wine to the maximum before you go out. If you know people that take lots of drugs, hang out with them until they’re ‘off tap’ so get as many free pills and lines before you go out so you don’t have to spend as much. Get away with as much as you can to government organisations and don’t get caught. Go for cash-in-hand jobs, and, if you really don’t want to work, get on sickness benefits and concentrate on selling drugs. It’s everyone’s right to stay on the dole and get as fucked up they want – it’s an Australian tradition. Hate Force Five are one of the only bands in Australia standing up for the lower classes and exploited unemployed people, and we’ll keep doing it. We’re certainly not one of those middle/upper-class bands that our parents buy us all our musical equipment.


Beware of The Bunyip:

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