Kid Congo Powers: ‘Five Things I Love About Australia’

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor


Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds are on tour in Australia. In fact, they play the Oxford Arts Factory for you Sydney ciders tonight (September 1).

UB gets a hold of the great Mr Powers mid-tour (thanks, Julia Wilson!) to find out what he loves about Australia.


  1. Darwin

I have been to Darwin, and according to many Australian musician friends, not many of you have! It is very hot and humid in winter, has an amazing national park where they say you are not swimming with crocs, but maybe you are! Beautiful wild sacred nature and a wonderful festival, Darwin Fest. Now I can sing, “I have been to Darwin but I’ve never been to me…” 

  1.  Music

It is well documented that I played with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds in Berlin in the roaring eighties. Through this extended family I met many ex pats living in London and Berlin at the time. Many have moved back to Oz and now I have a large group of musician friends and family when I visit. l know a lot of people and they are all still doing interesting and wonderful work. Kin folk are the best.

  1. Smashed avocado

It is everywhere! I love avocado! They have become very expensive in the States on the east coast where I live. I think I’ve eaten it every day on this tour.

  1. Greville Records in Melbourne

Longest standing indie records store as it is said has introduced mine and many others’ music to the willing, and sometimes unwilling public. No easy thing to survive and thrive!

  1. Museums

We were fortunate to play at NGV in Melbourne to celebrate the Degas exhibit. Very progressive programming. Last year I saw a Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit that blew my mind. I have also been to MONA in Tasmania which is a real trip in so many senses. Today I am going to Art Gallery of NSW in Sydney to see Cate Blanchett read Manifestos on video and Frieda Khalo and Diego Rivera for some Mexican roots fascination. Great museums.


Remaining Kid Congo Powers & the Pink Monkey Birds tour dates:
Sep 1 – Oxford Arts Factory, Sydney, NSW
Sep 2 – The Triffid, Brisbane, Qld
Sep 3 – The Tuning Fork, Auckland, NZ
Sep 4 – Bodega, Wellington, NZ

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