“Black Mass” an ominous precursor to The Braves’ debut LP, All Through Paradise

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor


The Braves have waved their wands and conjured up something frightfully gnarly with “Black Mass”.

The haunting first single from the Victorian boonie boys’ forthcoming debut album, All Through Paradise, it’s a sharp swinging blade of love and death infused with the essence of Anton LaVey’s intrusive organ. It’s being released by Spooky.

The Braves – Kelly Watson (guitar), Jesse Bolte (bass) and Ethan ‘John Duke’ Lerversha (drums) – collectively respond to UB’s prods…


What forces brought The Braves into existence?
A dogged need to create music that broke the coattail-hanging of popular radio garbage or the unimaginative shit that came out of the small towns we came from. Jesse and Kelly went to school together but bonded outside of it through good old teenage destruction and a mutual taste of music and ideas that challenged the norm. Then they met ‘The Duke’ who was the only cat they’d met who was equally offbeat and asked if he could drum. When he shrugged and said, ‘Not really, but I have a kit, though,’ they knew he was the man for the job. If you live beyond the end of the line, prospects don’t always look so good if you’re not content with fitting the mould. So, believe it or not, playing rock ’n’ roll for pittance and sympathy seemed like our best option…still does.

What other bands have you lot been in?
The Duke is the only member in another band. He is an unbelievably good musician so having him hitting skins exclusively would be like caging a fucking lion. Kelly thinks playing in multiple bands is a cop out and a half-assed shenanigan but has collaborated on C.S Bishops’s Crushed Diamond works, which requires more intoxication than dedication.

The new song, “Black Mass”, is cool. You are doing a video and a lathe-cut 7”? What is the video entail, and do lathe-cut records always sound like shit or is it just the ones we’ve heard?
The video entails a Black Mass…we subverted the devil through The Duke and filmed it. I dunno, maybe if y’all listen to deluxe remasters of The Seekers on combat discs then, yeah, maybe lathe-cut would sound shit. But then, it’s very subjective, eh?

Tell us all about the forthcoming Braves album.
All Through Paradise is 12 tracks of biting tunes disregarding most listening sensibilities and unsettling people with a vague notion of music. We started recording with Loki Lockwood of Spooky Records and then left to Europe and UK and wrote the other half of the album. We came back with a heightened sense of paranoia and delusion to finish it and tighten the bolts.

Which song came together the quickest, and how quick?
We had a vague idea of “Nah” that we jammed with the red light on. Loki called it bullshit and had a cigarette. By the time he came back we had a two-n-a-half-minute ripsnorter. The last song we’ve written called “The Big Sleep” came together in about 15 minutes last week.

Have you got any shows or touring planned for the single launch, album launch, European metal festival season, etc.?
The plan is loose and formulates as we go. This is paradise, after all. But plenty of shows, constant shows, we will dine and dash our way up the coast once the album is up, go regional. Let’s see if reception can guide us about. September 23 upstairs at the Grace Darling is the single release – come buy a rekid!


“Black Mass”:

“Black Mass” 7” launch on September 23 at the Grace Darling Hotel, Collingwood, with Disco Puppets, Fuzzsucker and Cybernetix.

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  1. Hmmmm “norm”.. It’s rather boring to keep making a deal about being “outside of the norm”.. That’s easy to do and it’s boring. What is more powerful to say is “I tried to be like everyone else- but they wouldn’t take me”.

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