Blight Worms’ debut EP, I, is some prime Capital City grind

By Tex Bradley 
Unbelievably Bad Contributor 


Flagship Canberra grindcore combo Blight Worms have finally unleashed their long-awaited debut. The digital-only EP, I, is eight tracks of dyno-tuned, go-to-whoa aggression from the home of Summernats, decriminalised weed, hardcore porn and myths of readily available fireworks.

Guitarist (and now also vocalist) Damian gives UB the inland insider info.


You’ve just recorded for an EP and a couple of split releases. Tell us about those (when and where you recorded, format, etc).
We recorded the tracks quite a while ago at Rob’s Garage Rehearsal And Recording Studio that Finch (drums) helped build. Finch and I did the recordings and the mixing was done by Finch. Mostly it was Finch working his magic and me doing all the shit work haha. Rob from The Kill mastered it for us. We have a digital only release up now and a split 7″ with Diploid coming out soon on Lacklustre Records.

Your old singer Liam played his last show with the band earlier this month, and you’ll be continuing as a three-piece. Does it change the sound drastically? Have you painted yourself into a corner with any particularly fucked up guitar parts that are difficult to play while singing?
I’ve been working on the songs and learning Liam’s lyrics and vocal patterns. When we started the band, Liam hadn’t done just vocals before, or this style in particular, so he had a different way of doing things, which is different to the way I do them. Sound wise it will be a little different. Liam has a great high shriek sound, which is different to my mid-to-high scream. There will be some more low vocals, too. Musically it will be the same. Playing guitar and singing should be interesting. I may have fucked myself over a bit, but I’ll manage. I think haha.

Outside of Canberra, you’ve mostly done one-off shows here and there. How likely is a tour now that you have a release under your belt?
A tour would be great in the future. Just need to organise it all around availability and work and all that shit. Soon, hopefully. We plan on heading up to Queensland for some shows with Siberian Hell Sounds and down to Melbourne for some shows with Diploid, BOG and some others in the near future. Nothing set in stone just yet as we are planning to be back in the studio to record again in the next couple of months, but hopefully not long after that we can start playing some more interstate shows.

Much like Sydney, Canberra doesn’t seem to have a lot of grind at the moment. In Sydney we get a couple of decent shows a year; usually in the form of East West Death Grind Fest. Is there anything like that down your way? Do many touring grindcore bands roll through the nation’s capital?
There’s not a whole lot of grind bands down here in Canberra, unfortunately. Wretch have been around for quite a while and just got back from touring Europe, representing Canberra/Australia, which is good to see. Slave Birth are a new young powerviolence/grind band that played their first show the other week and show a lot of promise. Shows wise, not many bands come to Canberra these days. That being said, the guys at Lacklustre are great at getting as many bands as they can to play here. Magrudergrind played at the Lacklustre house the other week, which was amazing. Those guys do a lot for local, interstate and international bands and are really great to work with. It’s awesome to play their house shows. Always a lot of fun and great people.

Aside from a cool name, what is a blight worm?
Haha it’s a Dark Souls reference. Kinda.



Blight Worms’ digi-EP, I, goes hard:

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