Sydney extreme metal anomaly Tyrannic have their boots planted in DIY

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor


The Brickworks on the edge of Sydney Park, St Peters has been hosting punx picnix and doofs for as long as I can remember but I’ve never seen anything like Tyrannic in there before.

Me and the other 57 people gathered there a few Saturday night’s back were left stunned and wondering where this generator-fuelled metallic mayhem had come from. It was like the black-winged spirit of heavy metal had swooped down and bestowed its purest essence and a range of leather goods on these three punks who threw some disturbing silhouettes up onto the bricks as they battled their instruments for up to 20 minutes at a time.

Tyrannic is a metal band that stands outside the metal “scene”, but what makes them compelling is the unique scenes they set themselves, like this night at the Brickworks.

UB probed further into the Tyrannic mythos, speaking to their nameless drummer/vocalist…



You got a band full of real characters. Who are the members and what do they bring to Tyrannic?
None of us like to present ourselves as characters, or share our names or pseudonyms. Not for the sake of reactionism, but more so that within Tyrannic the individual is irrelevant. It’s been that way since the beginning as an important way for us to focus on the music as a collective. The lyrical expression isn’t related to us as people, it’s more about the world and the inner world of one’s psychodrama that many others can also experience. Not to say that it’s something we want people to relate with, but our own experiences don’t make us any special to personalise it in the expression. Any aspect of it that is already personalised is projected subconsciously I suppose, inevitably.

Tyrannic’s songs are all epic. What’s the process you go through to get these 10-minute plus songs with so many parts and moods?
I basically can’t write songs for shit and don’t know how to end them so my experience in trying to make a song come to fruition usually spirals in anxious self-soiling that prolongs it to a shitting abomination of malevolent madness.


The show you played in Sydney Park the other week was cool as fuck. Was it called a “funeral”? And why decide to go play guerilla-style in the park – must have been a lot of organising and you didn’t ask the audience for any money. Would it not be easier just to find a venue?
The last song of the set was “Funeral”. All of the lyrics surround death, or the morbidly obsessive side of life. I don’t think I’ve ever called our shows “funerals” though… Didn’t feel the need to ask the audience for money to be honest. When playing live I’m more interested in an environment that suits what we are doing and offering something different for an audience, something ambiguous and sparse. I don’t care about people ‘throwing their horns up’ or ‘getting in the pit’. We’ve done a few shows over the years in venues, but what’s the point after so long? Every metal show is at the [Bald Faced] Stag and nowhere else, and I don’t think many people really even want to hear or see something new and different. I’m not implying that we are so special for organising our own show elsewhere, but in the state of metal music in Sydney, it was not only better but almost even easier to just do what we did and play in Sydney Park.

Beijing metal label GoatowaRex has put out your split LP with fellow local artiste Sluggard. How did that come about – both the Sluggard connection and the Chinese connection?
is the immaculate and irresistible project of a long-time comrade. Both of our bands had released demos around the same time and before ready for recording our own albums we expressed interest in releasing something on LP, hence the split. Being a 12″ was incidental due to one of our two songs being around 10 minutes. There are also barely any interesting extreme metal bands active in Sydney and it made perfect sense to have an LP with both Sluggard and Tyrannic material. Goatowarex/Psychedelic Lotus Order releasing this was at first suggested via a mutual friend of Dani Li, as Goatowarex has released a lot of great records in the past few years, including releases of great Australian bands and so much interesting extreme music from all over the world. I’ve always highly appreciated the unique catalogue of PLO and am glad to be a part of it.

What is in the works – planning any more recordings? You should definitely be making some videos – you look awesome.
Thanks, man. We are going to begin recording our debut album by the end of October, which should see its release some time next year. In addition we will release a compilation tape of mixed rehearsals and live material, which should be out in the next few months. Many thanks for the interview.



Tyrannic split LP with Sluggard on GoatowaRex:

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