Exclusive First Listen: DEAD’s new full-length, Untitle

Community Service Announcement


We got this stream to offer of DEAD’s latest full-length offering, Untitle. And we got a note from DEAD that read:

“Dearest Unbelievably Bad. None of the cool websites would run a full stream of our new LP so we’ve come crawling back to you. Reasons given for declining to run it include, ‘It’s too long’, ‘It’s too short’, ‘It’s too slow’, and ‘It isn’t any good’.

“What we can tell you about the record is it is Vol. II in The Trilogy. It was recorded on fuck-all budget and it features BJ Morriszonkle as guest third member. He nailed it.

“Thanks for always being there for us.



Stream Untitle here:


The Trilogy Vol II – Untitle LP is out Friday, September 30 by We Empty Rooms.

The Trilogy is a four-LP set being released in editions of 200, 180-gram records in hand-silkscreened deluxe covers via We Empty Rooms.
Rock Is Hell will release a boxset version in an edition of 66.


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