Acid King touch down for Doomsday return trip

By Rod Hunt
Unbelievably Bad Contributor


Acid King at the Complex, Los Angeles, 2015. Photo: Rod Hunt

Acid King headlined Australia’s inaugural Doomsday Festival in 2010 and made a serious impression with their insanely loud, tripped-out psychedelic doom, lent a unique edge by the eerie vocals of singer and guitarist Lori S. Now the San Franciscan trio is back for a return trip, starting tonight (September 23) in Perth.

UB caught up with Lori while she was killing time at the airport before her flight to Australia.


What did you enjoy most about your first tour of Australia? And what did you enjoy the least!?
The AC/DC museum was awesome and a trip to the zoo! Many awesome opening bands. The Wollongong show when Joey [Osbourne] fell off his drum stool. Trying to forget that show!

Last year you released your fourth album, Middle of Nowhere, Centre of Everywhere. I imagine you probably didn’t intend for 10 years to pass between albums. Did circumstances conspire against the band?
No real one reason. Divorces, layoffs, life! When you’re together for as long as we have been you just do it when you’re ready.

What comes first, the music or the lyrics?
Def the music comes first. I usually write the lyrics in the car the day we record!

Live, Acid King’s music can be as hypnotic as it is heavy, for the audience. How does the music make you feel when you’re onstage playing?
All depends on the venue, the people and the vibe. I love playing with a background movie projected; it adds to the atmosphere and makes really feel like I’m inside the riff.


Photo: Raymond Ahner

Is it disappointing that in 2016 there are still very few women playing rock music, let alone heavy music? Why do you think that’s the case?
Honestly, I’m the worst person to ask any women in rock questions. I have no idea, and after 20 plus years of playing and being asked women specific questions I just have no answers. Ladies?

If you were given the opportunity to curate a festival such as Roadburn, what would be your dream line up?
Damn. That is a good question! Roxy Music, Hawkwind , Yob, Farflung and Dead Meadow.


Acid King Australia and New Zealand 2016 tour dates:
Sep 23: The Rosemount Hotel, Perth, Armageddoom IV
Sep 24: Fowlers Live, Adelaide, Doomsday Festival Adelaide
Sep 25: Cherry Bar, Melbourne
Sep 26: Valhalla, Wellington
Sep 27: Whammy Bar, Auckland
Sep 28: Crowbar, Brisbane, Doomsday Festival Brisbane
Sep 29: Transit Bar, Canberra, Doomsday Festival Canberra
Sep 30: Newtown Social Club, Sydney, Doomsday Festival Sydney
Oct 01: Northcote Social Club, Melbourne, Doomsday Festival Melbourne


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