Angus Reekie R.I.P 10.11.99 – 01.10.16


Last Saturday night, October 1st, Unbelievably Bad lost one of our own – Angus Reekie, also known as Ed Hall, the son of our editor Matt Reekie, tragically passed away.

Angus’s passing has left an unfillable void in our lives, and words cannot express the loss we’re feeling. Not only was he an incredible artistic talent and creative mind, he was a considerate, sympathetic and caring person who touched virtually everyone he came in contact with.

Although he was only relatively young, as an artist Angus left behind a sizable body of work. He started doing art for Unbelievably Bad when he was five, contributing some hand-drawn type for issue #1. When he was nine, he wrote the Editor’s Letter in Unbelievably Bad issue #9, some crazy jazz poetry that epitomises his indelible spirit.


He also did the cover art for issue #17 of Unbelievably Bad, and he contributed art for articles inside various issues. He also did some LP artwork for the Babeez LP project that Buttercup Records released earlier this year.


He also has a lot of other art that we will try to compile as part of our healing process and possibly release as a bound volume as a tribute to his talent and creative work ethic.

Angus had so much character, so much intelligence, such a depth of emotion and the utmost integrity – in many ways he was just too pure for this fucking world.

R.I.P. Angus Reekie – forever in our hearts.


10 responses to “Angus Reekie R.I.P 10.11.99 – 01.10.16

  1. We cant imagine the depth of your loss at this time…our thoughts are with your sorrow…
    Aylin, Michael and Amarina

  2. Absolute tradgedy, heartbroken for you all. I’ve been thinking about this non stop. So hard to understand. Stay strong, keep bringing truth, beauty and rock to the world.

  3. Angie’s Shopfront friends may have some of his Artwork to add to a booklet. I know they’d all love a copy if you publish one.
    Beyond devastated!

  4. Phoebe, Angie and Matt. I’m feeling so sad for you all. I wish you strength and send you love. Narelle and Izzy

  5. I knew Angus as a young kid as well as Phoebe. Matt and Angie we met through swim school and then primary school. Yhey’re a great family. Very generous with their hospitality and just plain good people. I also worked and knew Angus’s nanna. When I heard the news my heart broke. Angus was a spirited kid as I recall. Very clever. We lost touch when my family moved away to live in NZ. I feel for this family. It is a tragic loss and they had him for too short a time. RIP Angus and hugs and kisses to Angie, Phoebe and Matt and the rest of the extendef family from Jose, Paula, Julian and Lila.

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