Melbourne flange-core stallions Geld shoot from the hip and kill it

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor


Pic: Dave Forcier

Geld is odds-on favourite for local hardcore punk debut of the entire carnival with their twice-sold-out demo. It’s a hectic five-song scurry that stamps its own passport through Japan and Italy en route to a Cleveland soup kitchen.

With bands like Soma Coma, Kromosom, Gentlemen and Power in their bloodlines, the Melbourne quartet – Al (vocals), Cormac (guitar), Isaac (bass) and Rowley (drums) – wreak havoc over short distances and are determined to become stayers in their field.

Geld will play Maggot Fest VII in Melbourne this coming weekend, where they made their debut a year ago.

Us and Cormac recently had this chat…


Is Geld like when they lop off a horses cock so he settles down? Whoa, boy! When you were tossing around band name ideas, what made you settle there?
It is indeed. It’s also German for money. We started out being called Zyrtek for I think one gig but Rowley (drums) decided he hated it (he’s a bit of a prima donna). German for money and chopping off willies? Sold.

You all probably had enough going on music-wise without adding this insanity on top… What was the compulsion to get together with these particular people and make this kind of sound?
When something makes sense you just go with it. We were drinking at the bar Al (vocals) works at and talking about having individually wanted to do something like this band for years but never finding the right people so we said we’d give it a go and see if it was any use. To be honest I thought it’d probably be another practice space shenanigan that petered out before a gig because we were all too busy with other bands. But from the first jam it was deadly. Partly because everyone’s been in so many bands that the songs came together with two or three run-throughs, mainly because everyone was happy to jam Black Sabbath and Nirvana for half the rehearsal without anyone getting their knickers in a twist.

Based on the bands that the members of Geld have been in or are currently in, there is a level (some would say a high level) of hardcore / punk / rock knowledge. So how do you sort through all that collective information and make it sound like Geld?
Shoot from the hip! No-one’s precious about taking or leaving songs and riffs if they’re not working or we get sick of them, or adhering to a certain genre or tradition, or following a singular vision. It somehow sort of melds together into a semi-coherent sound.

What kinds of things do you sing about, and what is the definition of a “Rustist”?
“Pump Room” is about me walking into a club in Queensland to find it was exclusively filled with greasy, sweaty, jacked-up straight dudes. There was so much testosterone and general man stuff in the air that the bar actually felt like it was nervously pulsating. I thought the idea of muscle sharks going to a club that was in itself a muscular organism was pretty gross and fantastic. A “Rustist” is a grumpy old cunt.

The demo is sick. Now that’s been established, what are you gonna do from here?
We’re pretty much ready to record again in the next few months, so we should have the next release ready before the year’s end. Probably a 12″ and probably with some extended oddness going on. Then we’ll look for someone to release it.

What do you say to people who think flanger pedals have no place in hardcore?
WHO SAID THAT? I was just fucking around at home after we already had the songs down to see what it was like and it definitely added something so we went with it. Since I first had a go of my friend’s Zoom 505 multi-effects thing around (Jesus!) 20 years ago I’ve wanted to make my guitar sound like the ‘Jet Drive’ patch. Finally!


Listen to the Geld demo via Space Ritual:

Geld play The Tote, Melbs on Saturday night as part of the massive Maggot Fest VII weekend.

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