Dead End are residing at The Tote this month, have strong views on pro wrestlers

By Luke Buckler
Unbelievably Bad Contributor

Photo by Matthew McEgan

Photo by Matthew McEgan

Dead End from Melbourne play frantic post-punkish jams that land somewhere between Bird Blobs and Bloc Party. Only emerging from the sonic womb in late 2015, they’ve got two digital EP releases notched up with another on the way at the end of November. They’ve organised some pageantry in the lead up to its release, and will be taking residence upstairs at the Tote on Thursdays throughout the month starting tonight (November 3).

UB had a yarn with their bass player Jordan to see what he reckons.



What’s the Dead End origin story?
We’ve all known each other since high school and played in different bands over the past few years, together and separately. Tom and Carsten (both guitar/vocals) had a bunch of songs and wanted to start a punk band so it didn’t take much to get me and Krys (drums) on board.

Stylistically, Dead End seems to be running in several different directions. Who do you consider as your main influences?
Influences vary a lot between us and we’ve all been individually writing for a while so everyone kinda has their own thing. We really like using some of the strange things we find in classical shit and non-western music but we’re also into bands like Pixies, Nomeansno, Battles and Cerebral Ballzy. Recently Tom’s been listening to a band called Ought, Carsten’s into Blood Orange’s new album, Krys’ just discovered Wipers and I’m loving BADBADNOTGOOD’s latest album.

There are some pretty large sonic differences between your release I and II. What inspired the movement, and can we expect more changes on the forthcoming third EP?
The tracks on EP II are louder with a more drum-heavy vibe so we wanted the production to reflect that, and there was more time to experiment with some weird sound and production techniques we wanted. We also really focused on getting the vocals to sound a little rougher. The songs on EP III will be like a mix of the first two but we do plan to keep evolving the production to suit the songs we write.


What can we expect from your residency at the Tote? Any surprises up your collective sleeve?
We’re pretty excited about the bands we’ll be playing with. To us it’s one of the best residency line-ups we’ve seen in a while and each night should offer something a little different. We’re gonna be playing a bunch of new shit for the first time, some tracks you might not hear again for a while, and maybe a cover or two.

Do you have plans to tour in the near future?
We haven’t played outside Victoria yet so we’d probably want to play a couple shows here and there interstate before actually touring. We’ve played with Horror My Friend from Adelaide and Top Lip and Peg from Sydney so we’d be keen to hit them up soon.

Who is the greatest pro wrestler of all time?
Good question, Krys and Carsten will take this one…
Krys and Carsten: Ultimate Warrior, Mick Foley (Mankind), Goldberg (Krys has a signed T-shirt from 1998). Loved when it was all about that 3-way tag team TLC shit though, with the Hardy Boyz, Dudley Boys and Edge and Christian. That said, the greatest pro wrestler of all time is Gillberg.


Take a listen to the most recent Dead End release, II, here:

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