Naked aggression: Scrotal Vice nude up for video, all set for tour

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor


Hide your livestock and protect your private parts, Scrotal Vice are off on their first touring jaunt in yonks, starting Thursday (December 1) in Newcastle.

The faceless post-op power grind trio will have new shirts and new music and they’ve just dropped an incredibly sexy video for “Humanimal” filmed in the ‘suicide forest’ in Japan.

UB interviews Tess Torsion, where the topics range from corporate investment and rebranding ideas to nudie runs and suppositories…


It’s been a while since Scrotal Vice did something. What have the members been doing this past year while the band’s been “shelved”?
Yeah shit, it has been a while! After our tour last year we lost Castrotti in China, having only just been able to tempt him away from the smog and spices to come back to Australian shores. His mother will be mildly pleased. The rest of us have been feverishly masturbating and playing all sorts of much less brutal music all over the world but, considering that’s all unmasked, we can’t really discuss such sensitive issues. All I can say is that Doomface is now officially really alright at maths and slap bass, and C. Rash can drum any Dixieland motherfucker under the table. I’m fucken jetlagged / having withdrawals from living in a van with five guys for the past four months.

And just while we’re on shelving – what is your opinion on the practice based on your experiences? Worth a go?
It certainly takes the edge off modern living – Ikea and Bunnings offer a wide variety of sturdy, convenient and, most importantly, safe shelving solutions for your kitchen, bedroom, garage, or whatever room you need to store your suppositories in. On the note of suppositories, in Australia we are lucky that we have heaps of codeine in our painkillers – many other countries have pissweak painkillers and if you need more pain relief / can’t get high enough you’ve gotta go the suppository. Much more fun, but not as easy – nor convenient – to administer.

You toured Asia in December – give us a quick highlights package?
Asia is a damn fun place and getting to tour there was un-fucken-real!
Taiwan: Got looked after so fucken well by Dan and Kiki @ 22 Records, sticky weather, got high in a restaurant with a small dog in a sweater and played next door to a fried rice / UFO grabber / karaoke / prawn fishing complex. Sick / legendary bands to check out: US:WE, ASHEN, HOTEL CARRIFORINA.
China: Battled the smog and traffic, watched our snot turn black, saw Mao’s body, made remarks about deaths, tanks and scrotums in Tiananmen Square, had a photoshoot on the Great Wall (promptly followed by bobsledding down it afterwards), Tuesday night circle pits & battled with spicy diarrhea from the hottest hot pot ever. Sick / legendary bands to check out: DEMERIT, DIE CHIWAWA DIE, S.C.O.D.
Japan: We bumped uglies in the famous Japanese suicide forest, ate cod sperm, gracefully ten-pin-bowled, nearly lost our merch twice (we won’t name names… Castrotti!!), assaulted some deer on an island and rang the Hiroshima peace bell. Sick / legendary bands to check out: PALM, CYBERNE, TAINTED DICKMEN, SELF DECONSTRUCTION.


Is it true that 21st Century Fox and Disney now each own minor stakes in Scrotal Vice? How have these deals changes the day-to-day operations, if at all?
We hate to say it, but yes it is true… Times were tough; band funds were dwindling, so once we were approached we couldn’t refuse the deal. We like to pretend that not much has changed but we quarrel more than ever now; who gets to be the princess this week, who is the goody / baddy, which three of us are actually in the love triangle, etc, etc. We are going to have a child-friendly re-branding too… but so far Ball Bag Crusher and Sack Habit both suffered rejection.

Have you thought about doing any new recordings? Done any?
We actually did some new recordings that we were intending to release for our Asian Tour last year. Sadly organisational, time and money retardation meant we could only put out a discog CD. But we are finally releasing some of those recordings to coincide with December’s tour! Five new tracks with some of the sickest artwork we’ve had done, courtesy of the legendary Glenno!

Scrotal Vice_Humanimal_2016_Poster.jpg

Your Humanimal Tour starts soon so tell us about that, and for our unassuming Kiwi friends across the detch, what can paying attendees expect?
After an almost 12 month hiatus we are so fucken keen to hit the road again – disgracing punters with our presence up and down Australia’s East Coast as well as the north of New Zealand. We’ve never played NZ nor Hobart… or the north coast for that matter… so it’ll be fun to see the punter’s faces drop and disappointment rise with the chaos that we can cause. Australian shows will be a standard order of debauchery but since we wanna fit in so badly with our Kiwi brethren, does anyone know what legislation is on bringing livestock to venues for defilement?


Scrot command:

Humanimal Tour dates:
Dec 1 – Hamo, Newcastle
Dec 2 – Lismore (TBC)
Dec 3 – Fat Louie’s, Brisbane
Dec 4 – Hideaway Bar, Sydney
Dec 8 – Whammy, Auckland, NZ
Dec 9 – Snails, Palmerston North, NZ
Dec 10 – Valhalla, Wellington, NZ
Dec 14 – Canberra (TBC)
Dec 15 – Bendigo Hotel, Melbourne
Dec 16 – Whole Lotta Love, Melbourne
Dec 17 – Hotshots, Melbourne
Dec 18 – Brisbane Hotel, Hobart
Dec 23 – Pyrate Haus, Sydney

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