Premiere: Aborted Tortoise on their new song and clip, “TV Set”

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor


Unbelievably Bad is whatever the opposite of nonplussed is to present the new song and video clip from Perth punks Aborted Tortoise.

“TV Set” is the first new thing from the band – Connor Lane (vocals/study), Charles Wickham (guitar/ consumer goods retail), Tom Milan (guitar/study/consumer goods retail), John Peers (bass/ carer), Alex Patching (drums/studies sound/puts up posters) – since their 12” EP.

It’s a precursor to their forthcoming full-length, An Beach, which is set for a March release.

UB speaks to Alex about the band and their favourite TV shows…

Ever since Wire told us “stay glued to your TV set”, we haven’t stopped. What are your favourite shows to watch?
I reckon you can’t go wrong with QI or Today Tonight but I actually don’t really watch a great deal of TV. John pretty much exclusively watches Monster Bug Wars and the advertising channel. Charlie fiends Beauty and the Geek and the Great Australian Spelling Bee. Connor just watches The Wire on repeat and Tom is all about The Simpsons.

“TV Set”:

Who shot and edited the “TV Set” vid and what was the “concept” meant to be?
Our good mate Thomas Cahill shot and edited it with a little direction from myself. As far as a concept it’s a bit weak and a fair chunk of it was improvised on the day because we’re super unorganised. It loosely follows the lyrics of the song which basically deals with getting high off electrocuting yourself with a bunch of household appliances. I guess I kinda think of it as a poor man’s “Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment”. The video just looks like a Year 10 media project, which is pretty much exactly what we wanted.

“TV Set” is a gonna be a single? And it’s a precursor to the next album? Give us the scoop…
Yeah, “TV Set” is the first single off our album An Beach, which is due for release next March if all goes well. The single is being launched at 459 on Friday (December 9) with Regular Boys, The Spunloves and Last Quokka – all massive legends. The album was recorded mostly live over four days earlier this year onto 8-track reel-to-reel by our mate Broderick Madden-Scott (Tunafish) who’s a bloody wiz kid when it comes to analogue recording. It’s a 15-track/33-minute kinda deal; some garage vibes, some punk vibes and some surf vibes, and it’s got some sick artwork courtesy of Jessica Cockerill who’s an utterly rad artist! It’ll be out on 12” vinyl and hopefully we’ll make it over east to play some shows after it gets released so hit us up for some shows if you like what you see.

Aborted Tortoise launch the “TV Set” single on Friday, December 9, at Bar 458, Perth w/ Regular Boys, The Spunloves and Last Quokka

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