Canberra duo Slave Birth on being young, fast and dairy-free

By Tex Bradley 
Unbelievably Bad Contributor 


Two Sundays back, two youngsters from our nation’s capital slapped on a pair of red P plates and did the dash up the Federal Highway to Wasteland, Lewisham. It was there Slave Birth made their graceful Sydney debut, playing cuts from their self-titled cassette through a screeching PA in a poorly lit and stinking fucking hot room before an appreciative and mostly topless audience.

UB shoots the shit with two halves of a two-piece.


Tell us about the band. How did it come together?
We’ve been in bands together since we were 14, and in 2015 we started starting playing with one of our other mates and all put our instruments in the living room of an empty house that belonged to his family. That band was Hung Mind. We ended up playing video games and having mates over more than we jammed in the early days, it was good fun. Eventually he moved on to focus on his own music and we continued as a two-piece.

Slave Birth was formed with an animal rights message in mind. Specifically, what sort of themes do your lyrics deal with?
Hatred for people who take advantage of the vulnerable, whether that is humans or other species. Anger at those who choose to stay ignorant for the sake of their own comfort. We question the people who try to lie to and condition us all from the moment you’re born until you die. Experiencing the reality of a mind beaten down by outside influences and self-depreciation. And being forced into an existence where happiness is unattainable for the majority.

There’s a bit of a mashup of styles in your songs. What are the main influences for the band, musically?
We’ve been into a range of heavy music since we were pretty young. We were inspired by bands like INFEST, Weekend Nachos, and the early ACxDC demos in high school. Now we listen to heaps of powerviolence and grind but we try to keep our music sounding like us rather than sticking entirely to a genre format.

Where was the demo recorded and who helped?
The S/T 2016 demo was engineered, produced, and mixed by Elliot ‘Finch’ Johnson at Rob’s garage in O’Connor. Tapes dubbed by Leekspin at Lacklustre HQ.

How did you like Sydney? And aside from that little field trip, are there any plans to play out of Canberra in the near future?
Sydney made us feel welcome with open arms, we’ll definitely be back. There’s some talk of a trip to Melbourne for a few nights but no plans yet. We’d also love to do a weekender down the east coast; Newcastle, Sydney, Wollongong, something like that.

What’s next?
Split with Blight Worms recorded, released in 2017. We’re taking a break from shows to write the third release. After that we’re hoping to play more interstate shows, do more runs of tapes and a first run of shirts, and release more splits after release number three is finished.



Slave Birth:


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