Matt ‘Skitz’ Sanders on his Melbourne Drone Orchestra recruitment

By Luke Buckler
Unbelievably Bad Contributor

Matt Skitz Sanders (Image by Mark Burban)

Image by Mark Burban

Prepare your ears (and bowels); this weekend, Melbourne Drone Orchestra will be enveloping St Kilda in tone, and for the first time, some sense of tangible rhythm.

Joining Dan Tucceri and his gloomy pals at Memo Music Hall this on Saturday, December 17 will be two of the country’s most accomplished, revered, and brutal drummers – Matt ‘Skitz’ Sanders and Brian O’Dwyer.

UB pressured Skitz into a quick chat to find out how he got roped into this ambitious project.


How did you get involved with the Melbourne Drone Orchestra?
I got involved due to playing music with Dan Tucceri in the past, so he asked if I was keen. We have done a few projects both live and recorded, notably with Rev. Kriss Hades and more recently, Plasmodium.

The project has an ‘all welcome’ participation policy, where anyone that wants to join in and play, can. How do you feel about that open invitation? Could it go pear-shaped?
Well, I guess experimental music can always take a weird turn. As for it going pear-shaped, haha, anything is possible! I hope there is an atmosphere of ultimate kaos. As far as an open invitation, I think it’ll be interesting to see how it all goes together.

How are you preparing for the performance? Have you recently jammed with any of the participating guitarists? Have you played with Brian O’Dwyer? Is a prior musical connection considered ‘cheating’ for this kind of thing?
The best way I know to prepare is just to play drums as much as possible before the gig. I am drumming more than usual lately and have recently joined black metal band Funeral Moon. This is always great practice and helps with stamina!  I have played with some of the guitarists in other bands before so that is a bonus, although this type of music is a whole lot different in a lot of ways. I have never played with Brian before but I enjoy playing drums with other skin smashers, and am looking forward to what we will do for the gig. It would be great to have some prior preparation, but there will be an element of surprise for all involved, as well as the audience.

Melbourne Drone Orchestra (Image by Barry Douglas)

Image by Barry Douglas

Have you ever played Memo Music Hall before? Do you think Melbourne Drone Orchestra could play in a pub?
Nah, I have never played there, it should be a great experience! I don’t think a pub could withstand the large amount of musicians/microphones/stage space or the the sheer wall of noise I am imagining will take place! I think this music deserves as much space as it can get.

Who is more difficult to work with: Stephen O’Malley, or Dan Tucceri?
Hahaha… Stephen and Dan are both extremely professional and talented blokes, I have had nothing but great musical experiences with both of them!  Definitely not hard playing with them at all!!



Melbourne Drone Orchestra with Matt ‘Skitz’ Sanders and Brian O’Dwyer, along with supports GELAREH POUR (feat. Adam Simmon) and SACRED ORDER OF MAGNITUDE, perform from 3pm on Saturday, December 17 at Memo Music Hall.

Get tickets here:

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