Unbelievably Bad #20

Community Service Announcement


UB20 should be in all good music stores nationwide by now.

It’s 68 pages with a pretty front cover by artist Annie Walter. The insides are as black as ever.

There’s interviews with Jonah Falco of Fucked Up, Career Suicide, etc., Link McLennan of The Meanies, Sun God Replica, etc., and Dave Tice of Buffalo, The Count Bishops, etc.

Looking back, we interview Geelong grind offenders Undinism and Boston Marxists The Proletariat.

Looking forward, we catch the latest vibe from Brando’s Island and rock with Miss Destiny.

And looking all over the shop, we talk to the incomparable Chris ‘Lobsterman’ Lobb about the 98 albums he’s released so far.

There’s also Part 3 of the Mu Mesons interview, Greasy Belcher predicts the Trumpocalypse, we pay tribute to fallen comrades, plus more stuff as well.

It costs $9 and is available from all the best independent music shops ’round Australia. CLICK HERE for a list of our stockists, or get it from the UB web shop.

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