Lord Sword’s Cory Day on debut Tombstoned LP and marijuana as a performance enhancer

By Danger Coolidge 
Unbelievably Bad Editor 


Pic: Mira Live Photography

Sydney doom rock ’n’ rollers Lord Sword have a strong collective CV that includes Hostile Objects, Shackles, Battletruk, Extortion…basically a long list of bands that are faster than Lord Sword.

The four mates – Stooks on drums, Luke on bass, Cory on voice and Jimmy on guitar – got together in 2014 for a loose session and have been bongin’ on ever since.

They’ve just released their debut album, Tombstoned, on very heavy on 180gsm vinyl, and they’ll launch it this Wednesday (January 25) at The Hideaway Bar in Enmore.

UB spoke to Cory. He growled back at us…



Lord Sword’s been together for how long now? When and where was the first jam, first live show?
The band began in mid 2014 when Stooks mentioned to Luke and myself he was going to smoke a “lord sword”. I freaked out, best fucking name I ever heard, so we all agreed to start a band doused in smoke. Jimmy was in the next week and it was on, by on I mean we’d jam every three months. We all really didn’t give a fuck if it worked or not, we just jammed in Annandale for our own fun but after the first few jams we’d written a few good tunes so we thought fuck it, let’s play some shows. First show was in late 2015 at Black Wire and we played sporadically since then.

Lord Sword plays on all kinds of bills, from punk to doom, metal, etc. What kind of crowds “get” you best?
I think we cross over a bunch of genres, being that we aren’t focused on being a particular sounding band. And that does allow us to slot in with many different styles without standing out as a steaming pile of heavy shit. Most crowds we play to have never seen us as we haven’t been constantly gigging so it’s pretty rad to look up after a set and people getting into it. So far there isn’t a type of crowd for us, but I reckon we do identify with those who don’t mind their shit at the heavy end of sludge ’n’ roll.

Is marijuana a musical performance enhancer, IYHO?
If by enhancer you mean turn a performance into a floating cloud of fury and riffs? Absolutely.


Pic: Mel Meek

Tell us about Tombstoned.
We made the record with Jason Whalley at the old Troy Horse studios in Redfern. We took a day to track the instruments, mostly live with a couple guitar overdubs. We did vocals on another day – it was all very relaxed. Clem Bennett mixed with some extra help from Jason. Brad Boatright from Audiosiege mastered after we were told by Lachie and Tristan from Thorax told us he was a master of mastering. The record is out through our own newly established label, 2666 Records. It’s available at Polyester in Melbourne, NGM in Brisbane, Clarity in Adelaide, lots of spots in Sydney. We’ll hock it via the web, and if any distros want copies we’ll sort ’em out.

What are the plans for “working” the album? Would overseas touring be a realistic goal?
We’re playing at the The Hideaway on Enmore Road on Wednesday January 25 with Meat Cake (who’ll also be launching a record that night) Hy-Test and Thorax. We’ll play Wollongong that weekend, and then probably won’t play again until mid year because Stooks will be heading to Basque Country and Sri Lanka and probably a bunch of other spots to surf, tattoo and spread the word of the Sword. Overseas? Maybe across the Bass Strait. Is a strait a sea?


Pic: Mira Live Photography

How many times have the cops attended shows you’ve played?
Cops came to a show we played in Canberra but they didn’t do anything. Probably still bastards, though.



Listen to Tombstoned:

Lord Sword launch it at The Hideaway Bar, Sydney on January 25 with Meat Cake, Hy-Test and Thorax.

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