Kitchen People have “trendoids” and “PC punx” in their crosshairs on new LP, Trendoid

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor


Pic: Billy Bowen

Kitchen People formed three years ago in Western Australia and guitarist/vocalist Jake recalls his nerves before their first “official” gig at Mojo’s.

“It was my first time fronting and singing in a band,” he says. “I was nervous and remember shaking beforehand.”

While KP bassist/vocalist Alec wasn’t in the band at the time, he was at that show.

“I was there, I wasn’t in the band at the time,” he says. “It was really loud and Jake looked constipated.”

But nerves and constipation are all in the past for Kitchen People, whose new album, Trendoid, confidently stabs at hypo synth punk while taking digs at “Trendoids”, “PC Punx” and “Psychedelic White People”, among other minority groups.

UB speaks to Jake and Alec some more…



Who’s in Kitchen People and what do you each bring to the marble benchtop?
Alec: There are five of us, which is probably too many but what’s done is done. Jake plays guitar and sings; he wrote most of the songs on Trendoid. Chuck (Aborted Tortoise) is on the other guitar, whacky Vin (Hideous Sun Demon) on the synth/vocals, Tom Cahill (Mt Mountain) on the drums and I play bass. I sing a bit too.

Where was Trendoid recorded and who helped?
Ron Pollard recorded at his studio, Sleepwalkers Dread, in North Dandalup in December 2015. We tracked most of it live in about a day then Vin overdubbed the synth and then we went back to Perth and tracked vocals with our buddy Will Langdale a few months later. We did it at a share house on Newcastle St, which is where Will was living at the time. He also mixed it. I think Will hated doing it and I don’t blame him. I think his housemates also hated it. Mikey Young mastered it. He is a hero of mine. He probably didn’t think much of it, either.

What’s your beef with “PC PUNX”?
Jake: “PC PUNX” is an immature reactionary song. I get annoyed at the sometimes nagging and overzealous people I meet, people who look for reasons to get upset so they can get off telling people off. It’s risky territory me talking about this as certain behaviour is definitely wrong, but it’s all so subjective. I guess PC people come from the right place but sometimes the way they deliver their message can be ultimately very alienating and more damaging to their cause.


Pic: George Foster

“Living the dream in the local music scene…” – what’s the sentiment behind this tune?
“Local Music Scene” is a cynical view on gigging in Perth the last few years. Given the city’s size and population – it’s all the same places and faces. It can be a real grind…especially when people start thinking they are rock stars because some dumb kids like their music. End of the day there is a reason that local music stays local and never escapes. I guess like a lot of musicians I know, I’m bitter, jealous and bitchy, so this song fairly clearly lays my sentiments out.

What are the plans for “working” the album? Would crossing the Nullarbor be a realistic goal?
I handle all of the orders and distro and we’ve actually had an overwhelming response to this record (relatively speaking)… I’ve sent records over to the US and all across Europe, New Zealand and Australia. It is amazing to me that there is a demand for it at all. Welcome In The Shit Records put it out on cassette tape and we pressed it ourselves here. It is coming out in the US on February 24 via Oops Baby Records, which is really exciting for us. Our next record (which we are recording next month) will have a European vinyl release, which is also exciting. An over east tour is definitely possible. We have buddies there to see, bands that we need to play with, venues that we need to play in. Hopefully this year!


Oi, Trendoid, have a listen:

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