PISSBOLT on PISSNBLOOD and keeping out dodgy bounce metal

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor


Pic: Yunis Tmizeh

After a decade of radio silence, stripped-back thrash trio PISSBOLT are set to launch their savage second CD, PISSNBLOOD.

Beginning in 2004 as a less-po-faced side-project for three of the four members of great Melbourne harsh noise behemoth Dad, They Broke Me, PISSBOLT are charged up like no time since. Tonight they launch the CD at the Bendigo Hotel in Melbourne, and vocalist Simon Robins tells UB we won’t have to wait another 10 years for more PISSBOLT tunes…


How did Pissbolt initially come out of Dad, They Broke Me, and what’s happened to DTBM?
DTBM was our main focus and Pissbolt was born at practices that the bassist couldn’t make it to. DTBM was pretty heavy going both musically and logistically, so for the practices that our bass player couldn’t make, we started to play with something a little more upbeat and fun. We are all grew up in the era of eighties-nineties metal, thrash and hardcore, so I guess we wanted to tap into the tunes from our childhood and give it our spin. Probably also a big influence on how it all turned out were messier/noisier Japanese bands such as The Futures, Slight Slappers and Gamy. DTBM is dead and buried. It kind of burned out in the end and ended when John [Box, drums] moved overseas for three years. When he returned, Pissbolt was what we all wanted to focus on and the DTBM bass player was no longer able to play as well. We all have fond memories of DTBM and are still good mates with the bassist, but there will be no reunion show coming from us. We have been asked a few times, but here it is in writing: it’s not going to happen.

Have you ever supported Soulfly or anyone famous like that? What’s the biggest gig you’ve done so far?
Pissbolt haven’t supported many big internationals, actually don’t think any…but my memory is shit for that stuff. All band shows kinda blend into one another. During our time playing together in various bands (Birushanah, Shagnum, DTBM and Pissbolt) over the last 18 years we have played with some killer bands. Highlights would have to be Eyehategod, Soilent Green, Municipal Waste, Palm, Wolf Eyes, Conquest For Death, Iron Lung, Corrupted, BORIS and Damage Digital. Also all of the local bands we’ve shared the stage with who consistently blast many of the internationals off the stage.

PISSNBLOOD is the new album. Where did you record it and what were the challenges?
The instruments were recorded by Fuller at Goatsound and Xavier Irvine recorded the vox in a separate session. Fuller was really easy to work with and as we only have drums and guitar he was able to record them together in the same room, which worked really well and sped things up a lot. Ramzy [Hamra, guitar] did a second guitar track after but it was a pretty chilled and streamlined recording session. I just sat upstairs, drank beer and occasionally grunted my approval at whatever was being asked. The instruments were all tracked in a day and vox in a few hours one night at Kindred Studio in Yarraville. Which, incidentally, has the worst fucking soundproofing ever. You can hear a moth fart two rooms down. But Xavier worked his magic and none of the dodgy bounce metal happening next door seemed to have bled into our recording… Xavier then got all the audio tracks and mixed it at his home studio, bouncing the mix back to us for feedback and then tweaking as needed. The way he mixed involves applying a lot of the mastering during the mixing phase, so you get a pretty good indication of the final result. He then got stupidly busy with work so we had to shoot it all back to Fuller at Goatsound for the final mastering. It was great to get his final take on it all and we’re fucking stoked with the end result. Definitely the recording we’re most proud of in our careers so far.

NGM is putting it out – good guys to deal with, or typical industry scumbags? What formats will be on (no vinyl release? That’s sure to gain you some street cred) and where can people buy it?
NGM have been a fucking dream to work with!! It kinda all came about after I went and saw Unbound play, which Richard from NGM plays bass in. Killer band too!!! I think he got home to Brissie after that tour and got my message asking if they’d be keen to release our shit. On that tour I’d had a beer with KP who sings for Unbound and talked about the good old days of Beanflipper, Magnicite and Heads Kicked Off. I’d also mentioned Pissbolt to him and think Richard had been worded-up by KP about us. Something like that anyway. It was meant to be anyway by the looks of it. Great people, great label and they are putting out some top-notch releases, which we are so thrilled to be associated with and part of. PISSNBLOOD will only be out on CD, a format that we still love to death, although which isn’t currently enjoying the hype of vinyl. Justin Andrews, who is a good mate back from the early days of Shagnum circa ’93, did the artwork for the CD and we think has done a masterful job of capturing the sound and energy of Pissbolt visually. It’s kinda a full circle thing, as he was responsible for the art on many of the early Shagnum releases and merch. Top bloody bloke that one!

Is PISSNBLOOD an accumulation of songs from over that time span?
It’s actually over 10 years since the last release I think. The new tracks are all fairly recent. There’s a couple, like “Broken Head Open Mind” and “Death Drop”, that have a little more vintage, but the majority came about pretty recently when we got back into the groove of regular practices and songwriting. We’ve actually got another three pretty much already written and a couple more on the burner. So hopefully we’ll get another recording done this year, probably a split 7” if we can pull that off.


A spillage of PISSNBLOOD:

PISSBOLT launch PISSNBLOOD CD tonight (Friday, March 10) at The Bendigo Hotel, Collingwood w/ ESP Mayhem, Unbound, Contaminated, The Ruiner and Abaddon Incarnate.

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