Prolific fastcore dynamos Disparo! not slowing down for no-one on Hands In The Middle

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor 


Last time we talked to Disparo! they were about to tour around the whole world on the ridiculously expansive Fastcore Forever, Sleep Never Tour 2016. Well, they did that, and they’ve still got energy to burn.

Sydney’s most prolific fastcore mercenaries recently launched a new Facebook campaign to get people to submit photos of their pets with Disparo! CDs, and they’ve now decided the best way to encourage this endeavor is to put out shitloads more product for cute pooches and pussies to pose with.

Disparo!’s split tape with Adelaide cricketing sensations Shame Worn just arrived in the mailbox via Hotel Broslin, and currently in the pipeline are split 7s with Musket Hawk, Grudge, Endless Swarm and Arno Duebel. Oh, and a four-way tape with Hissy Fit, Nermal and Bruised Ego. But most important of all is their second full-length, Hands In The Middle, out now on vocalist Tommy Miller’s Good Times Records.

UB talks with Tommy again…



Give us five pieces of wisdom you gained on the ridiculously long Fastcore Forever, Sleep Never Tour.
1. You’ve made it as a band when strangers give you donuts at shows.
2. Every band should make Bangkok a must-stop. It’s such an intense/amazing city.
3. You really can live off $10 a day.
4. There is no comfortable way to spend 13 hours at an airport.
5. No matter where you are, when you put Hootie and the Blowfish on a jukebox it will make everyone happy.

Were youse putting ‘hands in the middle’ before every gig?
We started doing ‘hands in the middle’ about a year and a half ago during our first Southeast Asia tour. We needed to psych ourselves up because of the extreme heat we were playing in. It’s stuck ever since.


Other than manning your instruments, what does each member of Disparo! bring to the band?
I book and organise all our shows/tours. Kieran does most of the online stuff and looks for cheap flights. Bradley brings height and tattoos to the party, and Rhett is just a total bad ass.

Disparo! just had a split tape released with Shame Worn how?
So Shame Worn are really good friends of ours from Adelaide. Michael the drummer has drummed and played bass for us in the past, Eric the singer brings me baked goods when we play in Adelaide so when they told me they started a band naturally a split was going to happen. I’m stoked that it is their first release as well. Hotel Broslin is run by another good friend of ours Harker also from Adelaide who used to front Peter Brock. The guy is a legend and will also be doing a tape version of the album as well. I just asked him if he was down to put it out and bam!

Where did you record the new album, Hands In The Middle?
At our rehearsal space in Gosford. Rob, who was an original member who now runs ArtCore A.D screenprinting, recorded mixed and mastered it. The guys did the music and I came down after work and did my vocals.

Doing that mega tour, your throat was probably broken and rebuilt several times over. As a vocalist, what are you striving for, and how do you think Disparo!’s vocals are evolving over time?
My throat actually held up really well. I put that down to having singing lessons/running off adrenaline for three and half months. I just want my vocals to be intense and not stock standard. I guess they have gotten higher as time has gone on. I try to mix it up with different screams and growls as well.



Get your Hands In The Middle:

Disparo! play this Saturday, March 18, at Born2Rock, West Gosford, NSW, w/ Masochist, Obat Batuk, Cattle Dog and Blush.

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