Jackson Reid Briggs and The Heaters talk new album, play new track

By Danger Coolidge 
Unbelievably Bad Editor 


Jackson Reid Briggs and The Heaters had their first jam three years ago, after business hours in an outer Melbourne air conditioning factory.

“A couple of weeks later, we convinced our mates at our local pub to let us play there,” says Jackson. “We’ve never been asked to play there again.”

The band are now ready to release their really excellent debut album, When Are You Going To Give Up On Me So I Can Give Up On Myself? On that title, Jackson says: “I’m generally a pretty positive, happy fella. Sometimes the world’s a pretty shitty place, though. If you’re gonna give it the finger you should do it with a shit-eating grin on your face.”

UB hereby premieres a new JRB&TH track, “If I Had Time”, so crank it up and down a shot and read our little chat with Briggsy down below…




 Tell us a bit about The Heaters and the shady characters involved.
Currently The Heaters are; myself (guitar/vox), Ricky (guitar), Mick (bass) and Michael (drums). I played in a few bands while growing up in Brisbane, one called Nikko and another, The Maryettas, with our current, semi-permanent harmonica player Ryan. Rick ate shit in a couple of bands up there too. Michael (drums) has been involved with a lot of stuff down here [in Melbourne] but I can’t remember any of the bands’ names (or maybe he’s never told me….). We’ve also a ring-in saxophonist named Lloyd who is a fuckin’ ledge-hammer! I’ll usually bring the bones of the songs to the table. Rick will bring the beers. Somewhere in Japan Mick was donned (or donned himself) “sexy boss bass man”, so I guess he brings the boss (or sex?). Michael brings the wangaratta colloquialisms and the brutal laughs. Oh, and I’m currently on drums in a band called Subtropical Thunder with Ryan.

Where did you record When Are You going To Give Up On Me So I Can Give Up On Myself? at?
We recorded most of our album at Cellar Session Recording Studio in Coburg with Max Ducker over a weekend in November last year. Did a few overdub and mixing sessions with Max over the next few weeks and then got it mastered by Wade Keighran up in Sydney.

 Grubby Publications is putting it out? What formats will be on and where can we buy it?
We started Grubby Publications about a year ago to put out our S/T EP because we figured no one else would wanna put their name on it. The album will be the second release and will be available on vinyl through the band’s Bandcamp page and whatever record stores I manage to drop them into/shows I remember to bring them to.

How does a typical JRB&TH rehearsal go down?
We practice on Sundays above a pub in Footscray. Sundays can be rough sometimes, and certain members sometimes need to be treated a little more delicately than others. Usually Rick and I will get there a little early and re-cap the weekend over a few beers and cigs. The others will show up a little later, on account that they don’t like our “dicking” around. How much we end up doing will depend on how eager Mick is get home and try to forget what he did and how much money he’s spent over the weekend. We wrote two new songs the other day, though… That was a good day.



JRB and The Heaters have touring engagements:
March 30 – Freda’s, Sydney w/ Display Homes and Forehead Schooners
March 31 – The Haunt, Brisbane w/ Idylls, Turnpike and more TBA
April 7 – The Metro, Adelaide w/ The Bitter Darlings and Cowboys Of Love
April 8 – Woody’s Attic Dive, Melbourne w/ Burning Diary, James McCann and The New Vindictives, Product, Kit Convict and Thee Terrible Two and more

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