Sly Faulkner of Powerline Sneakers on making a disasterpiece

By Danger Coolidge 
Unbelievably Bad Editor 


The other guy in the pic is keyboardist John Olsen.

Powerline Sneakers is a shiny new beast, but it ain’t anyone’s first rodeo. Guitarist/vocalist Simon ‘Sly’ Faulkner formerly led The Splatterheads and Red Planet Rocketts, guitarist Johnny Nolan did time in Bored! before co-founding The Powder Monkeys, bassist/vocalist Katie Dixon was a mainstay of Ripe, and drummer Mark Hurst was in Guttersnipes and later The Yes Men.

Taking those kick-arse credentials into consideration, it’s little wonder that Powerline Sneakers crack the whip with confidence on their debut album, the sprawling disasterpiece.

UB takes the bull by the horn section and speaks with Sly.



Other than manning your instruments, what does each member bring to the band?
Sly brings the cakes, Johnny brings the quiltwork, Hursty brings the environmental consciousness and Katie brings her fucking unfeasibly enormous cock and balls with her cock roadie and his crane.

Where did you record disasterpiece, and who helped out? Sounds like it was fun and you got to try different vibes, sounds, instrumentation…
We recorded with Paul Maybury but because it was at a secret location the cunt had us taken there blindfolded. A warning to all, PM is an evil manipulator of innocednt musicians. It went down like a Lead Zeppelin. Faster than a drunk priest’s cock. To say it wasn’t fun is an undressed inmate.

Video for “Bank Robber”:

It’s an eclectic collection of tracks. Does everyone contribute to the songwriting?
No-one steps on my songwriting turf. I am dark overlord of the falling trouser. The tracks are epileptic. But who isn’t??? Shake it baby shake it (and throw your laundry in)…

Gotta ask about the horn section on “Miracle Of Sin”… Who plays your horns? Inspirations for their usage?
Horns played on the record by The Brass Knuckles. Take your pissy question and ask Roger Moore about it.

I got mates who claim to hate horns in rock ’n’ roll?, but I can always cite examples that make it hard for them to argue with. What are your Top 5 examples of tough usage of horns in rock?
Example one – have you ever seen Chris Bailey with his pants down, at a Texas rodeo with a ham sandwich in his mouth?
Example two – Chuck Berry being speared in the arse by a Braughman bull, Texas, 1958.
Example three – Donny ‘Give me a Horn’ Sutherland at a Sounds afterparty 1980.
Example four – Dylan ‘Any Horn’s a Good Horn’ Lewis, Recovery and arse bandages, 1990.
Example five – Kram a Texas small horn into me…
What honest rock ’n’ roll has even used horns and had it sound weak? You/we are unbelievably bad…

What’s a Powerline Sneakers rehearsal like?
We start off with a rub down, a game of handball, a healthy salad and a dip in the shit spa. Then we punch on like drunk cunts…and record it.



disasterpiece is out through Kasumuen Records.

Powerline Sneakers play gigs:
March 31 – The Eastern, Ballarat, Vic w/ Fraudband, Dukes of Deliciousness
April 28 – Ed Castle, Adelaide w/ Fraudband, Rat Catcher, C-Bombs
April 29 – The Metro, Adelaide w/ Fraudband, Colonized, The Pro Tools

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