So hot right now, Beau Kearsley of Gold Coast punks Sex Drive talks debut 7”

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor


Pic: Annie Llewellyn

You’ll go a long way to find a young punk band as exhilarating as Sex Drive. To the Gold Coast, in fact. Not that we’ve had to travel far to see them.

Sex Drive have been regular visitors to Sydney since forming two years ago in drummer Jake Sthapit’s garage. Their gigs here have been a blur of blood, glitter and pheromones, dirty deeds, blown-up PAs and killer tunes, KBD punk, old-school hardcore and garage rock.

The foursome – Jake (drums), Jai Wallace (bass), Benaiah Fiu (guitar) and Beau Kearsley (vocals) – have just released their debut 7″ through Sexy Romance Records, who also released the band’s essential demo of 2015. “It’s a sexy business,” says Beau, who kindly turned his pockets out for this Unbelievably Bad interview.



What other bands have the Sex Drive members played in?
Jai was in Shackles a long time ago, Jake’s first band was called Gruel and were the reason for turning me on. They were hot. Sex Drive is the first band for Benaiah and I.

Sex Drive has been down to Sydney often. Is the travelling one of the things you like about being in a band?
Yeah, the travels are mad. Sydney is probably our favourite place to play. Real people, real energy.

Got any good on-the-road stories?
None of our cars would make it so we fly. But I think Benaiah has missed every flight home for every interstate show we have played. We had 50 shirts in a bag ready to sell just arriving to Sydney and Jai forgot there was two bottles of red wine in there. Dropped it. Shit story but. Shirts look like diarrhea.


Pic: Annie Llewellyn

Where did you record the 7” – somewhere grimy, yeah?
Recorded in our rental storage shed. Couple of live takes then vocals. Was a bit rushed. But we will learn. Recorded by Alex Colbert. Mastered by Mikey Young.

A friend of mine has never carried his mobile phone in his pants pockets because he doesn’t want to get cancer of the genitals. What pocket do you carry your phone in?
I lose my phone a lot, it usually sits in my right pocket. I think we should lose our phones more. Conversations are getting really frustrating when people are square-eyed to their damn cell.

What’s in your other pockets?
Choice Blue 25g.



Get into the Sex Drive 7”:

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