Spurred on by pregnancy, the new Straightjacket Nation 12” doesn’t kid around

By Drew Gates
Unbelievably Bad Contributor

SJN_Bad Teeth_01_web.jpg

Pic: Bad Teeth

Assume the foetal position. Melbourne hardcore institution Straightjacket Nation has just breach-birthed their first release in yonks, and, baby, does it howl.

Vocaliser DX tells UB it was partly inspired by the impending arrival of the band’s new fifth member, Vinnie…



Howsit going, Syruplover, heard that Straightjacket Nation have a new LP out – wanna let the kids know what to expect?
Drew. The syrupmane. Thanks for asking. We have been calling it a 12″ because it has eight songs and minimal flair. I think it’s the best record we have made and I think you would agree. I am confident the kids will get what they pay for and experience something necessary stirring in their blood. It’s a strong hardcore record. We have done a cracker job, mate.

Why did it take you so long to put out a second album, was it the Guns N’ Roses/Chinese Democracy syndrome?
We hit it very hard for a long time with the songs we had. We played so infrequently the last few years that new songs came slow and steady. We started getting busy again when Emily [Jans, drums] was pregnant and wanted to finish the record before Vinnie was born. Vinnie, the fifth member of Straightjacket, put a lot of pressure on us to write and record this record. He is an important addition to the Nation and all credit to he and Jah rule for spiritual guidance in these Coptic Times. I think there is a lot to be said for bands that take things at their own pace and don’t feel compelled to produce for the sake of production. I hold my attention to bands like The Omegas or Garbage & The Flowers who work at a steady pace, but I lose it often with new bands that believe quantity is more important than quality. We established a strong work routine early, and we could afford to let this record happen when we needed to. Praise again to Vinnie.

Are you going to play Sydney in 2017 and if the answer is no, why the fuck not?
I don’t know. You know we love Sydney and we can’t wait to play there again. Let us pray.



Get the SJN 12”, out through La Vida Es Un Mus / Cool Death:

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