Jess De Mercurio, AKA Bad Teeth, is the rawest punk photographer in Australia

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor


Melbourne-based 35mm-shooting badass Jessica De Mercurio has just put out issue VI of Bad Teeth and you should get in quick because this photo zine is always in high demand. That’s ’cos Jess is the rawest punk photographer in Australia, whose picture frames hold every grain of energy from the DIY shows she attends.

Unbelievably Bad has been privileged to print Jess’s pics in the past, and we especially like the fact that she does so on her own terms. She only takes photos of bands she’s passionate about, hates shooting in legit licensed venues, shoots on film, etc.

We asked Jess about her latest zine – the one that was never supposed to happen.



Tell us about the new issue of Bad Teeth – what bands have you featured?
I got bored of doing just a zine for Bad Teeth so it went on hold for a bit, so the latest issue is pretty much a back catalogue of international bands that came out over the last two years. Bands like Dawn of Humans, Hank Wood and the Hammer Heads, Crazy Spirit, GBH, Belgrado, Annihilation TimeLecherous Gaze, Odio and others are all in there. Also local bands like Spotting, Tommy TSistema en Decadencia, Self Harm and more… I’ve been saying for the last two years I wanted to do something different with Bad Teeth zine and I didn’t so I’m pretty pissed off with myself it’s in zine format again but what can you do?…


How many copies of Bad Teeth do you make (every issue seems to sell out)? Are you pedantic / fussy about the way your pics are printed?
I make 100 of each issue and 100 always sell instantly. I print it as cheap as I can, so I can sell it for as little as I can. I’m not overly concerned with printing because let’s be honest, punks don’t care. It’s not the best output for my images but I kinda like that it’s that disposable because I know my images aren’t. And it’s the only time that in that situation it works. However, contrary to that, I am super picky on how my photos are sized in the zine. I made up some random paper size that doesn’t exist but I feel is perfect for photos so I have to trim each page to size. Kinda say I don’t care but really do eh?

You always have your finger on the pulse. What bands should people keep their ear to the ground for?
A camera doesn’t have a pulse. I have no idea, I don’t think I’ve been out much lately. Kinda just got back from overseas really. Managed to catch some shows there and saw Orden Mundial and Cold Leather who I really like. Locally, I have seen Execution once here. They were sick! Reaper are playing more and more and are mad too.



The last available copies of BT VI can be got online from

Check out more Bad Teeth shots on tumblr:

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