Gallucci (still)Exists! and they’re “more honest, exciting and expressive” than ever

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor


Unbelievably Bad and Gallucci go way back to when we were friends on MySpace. The Sydney DIY PYTs had a track on one of the Unbelievably Shocking CD compilations we used to give away with every second issue of the zine, and this was before they’d released their classic 2006 CD You-Wrecker.

So we’ve known and respected these guys a long time, but until last week we had no idea they still existed! Turns out brothers Jacob Nicastri (guitar) and Timothy Nicastri (drums) have been keeping the embers burning over the years, making Gallucci music whenever and wherever it feels right and fathering children during the downtime.

UB talks to Tim about their all-new recorded effort, (still)Exists!



We were surprised to hear that Gallucci still exists. Where you been these past many years? Was there a reason the band lost momentum for a time?
Shit guys, yeah, the years sure start flying when kids come through the chute. Tough life manufacturing the Gcci 2nd-gen hehe! If we ever had any momentum, we weren’t aware of it, so we never thought there was anything to be lost in quieter periods. In recent years musically, Jacob’s been corrupting minds, teaching kids weird guitar chords, and I’ve been doing lots of radio-making stuff, which always involves music in one way or another. As the album title suggests, we just want to make it clear, we’re not done and dusted, anything but. I think we’re actually more stoked on existing now, when it’s tricky, in the period where lots of good people hang up the gloves, than in the past when it was easy. Gallucci seems to be the long-term vehicle for our brotherly musical whatever, no matter the ebbs and flos… But we’re indeed excited to be ‘back’!

Gallucci is now duo, just youse two Nicastri brothers. Who contributes what?
In the room, Jacob holds the guitar, I hold the sticks. From there every note, change, noise, drool etc., goes through a two-brained meat-mincer to the point that we both own it as one. Jake’ll find a chord, or I’ll yell out a melody idea or whack a rhythm, then we just work it till Gallucci comes out. We make stuff together that can excite us in ways that doesn’t happen apart. This cool thing was this time ’round it was more honest, exciting and expressive than it’s ever been. We enjoyed it! Weird! For bass on this recording, we just shared it to get the job done. Other people will probably join and leave the band as we go on, collaborations, who knows? We love bass guitar so…

(still)Exists! is mostly an instrumental record. Does it make it easier to write songs when you don’t have to think up some shit that rhymes?
Making instrumental gear satisfying in a simple band set-up is a solid task. Everything kinda has to be more than the sum of its parts. If there’s no words to rhyme, the sounds still have to, I guess, and restraint and space seem to be the game with that stuff, which is tricky when you like short tunes! My early years vocals always seemed to split the crowd, and I wasn’t even sure I loved what came out (though we stand by it!). The last few albums have been more instrumental with occasional vocals, and that seems to feel right. We just treat it like any other idea – if it’s got something to offer the tune, it’s in, if not, b-bye. The radio influences have pushed the vocal ideas in a more honest direction, I reckon. More true Australiano. Will keep pursuing that!

Where was (still)Exists! recorded and who helped out?
Our gear was being used for some radio music stuff, and I needed some noise made for the sound set-up and testing, so I called Jake and we just played out the Exists material about three times (we were right in the middle of practicing it up solid to record at some point later on). We listened to it after and realised we’d kinda got it. It wasn’t perfect, but the spirit and somewhat odd sound was there… We did the gtr and drums late last year, then sorted the bass, vox, mix and mastering early this year. So we did it all ourselves top to bottom, but with some lucky help from the situation.

Any plans for “working” the record? Would you tour as a duo?
I think we’ll just keep doing our own thing and cropping up in weird ways from time to time. There’s a few specific gigs we’re trying to get in gear for now, and I’m very keen for a tour of some kind, but Jake’s about to become a Dad now too so yeah it requires some thinking. We’re happy playing as a two-piece if need be, but as I said, we love the bass, so we’ll definitely try to rope in some poor soul to play the four string with us. Takers?



Proof Gallucci (still)Exists!:

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