The Stinkbugs crawl out of the garage to launch new LP, Infestation

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor


When you hear something new blasting out of the garage at Swashbuckling Hobo HQ in Brisbane, you better listen up.

Infestation is the effortlessly cool new album by The Stinkbugs, led by James Pierce (The Hekawis, Shutdown 66, etc.) and featuring a few of the regular Swashbucklers using insect-related pseudonyms.

The LP builds on the devil-may-care fuzzy-as-fuck Roky-rock of The Stinkbugs’ previously released self-titled LP and two singles – “Supernatural” and “Walking In The Storm”.

With the band gearing up to make a rare appearance to launch the record, UB rubs antennae with James…



Tell us about all the bugs that make up The Stinkbugs and what does each bring to the group?
Cactoblastis is our drummer. He does our artwork for record covers and posters for public events. He is a master of time and space, shoots lasers from his eyes and is good at evading cane toads. Mantis is on guitar. He makes our effects pedals and is the levelheaded one in the group, writes songs and provides constructive criticism. He can fly, has super strength and is able to stay still for long periods of time. I am Tigerbug, singer, bass player. My talents include songwriting, mental telepathy and telekinesis. Also the fastest land insect for my size.

Where do The Stinkbugs jam at and how often do you get together?
We practice in the Secret Stinkbugs Headquarters. We are practicing every week and preparing for our battle at Bugopalypse. We frequently try new material, which keeps us fresh, but our public appearances are rare.

Where and where did you record Infestation?
Infestation is the best songs from two sessions from different time zones but recorded concurrently and five years apart at O.P.M and Swashbuckling Hobo Records, respectively. The diabolical Dr Rock was behind the controls for the Hobo stuff while Daniel was the maestro in charge for the O.P.M material. Ladybug plays some organ while Dr Bugrock helped out with some Theremin here and there. Personally I think the material fits together well and Liam did an excellent job mastering the whole thing for vinyl.


What’s the short-term plan for The Stinkbugs and “working” the LP?
Hopefully this latest release and public appearance will bring on a resurgence or regeneration of The Stinkbugs for this modern generation. Selling records and putting smiles on faces is our aim but there’s always the chance of that big money deal. If fame and fortune arise for us then you can be assured that we will use the money and power for good and not evil. We will heal the world together so buy our record and one for a friend.

How ugly are things gonna get when The Bugopalypse hits?
The latest and final Bugopalypse will occur on the night of May 13, 2017. The final battle between The Dangermen, Busymen, Extra Foxx and Eyes Ninety. This will be a battle for the ages. A night of unspeakable deeds and heroic acts. The only winners will be the audience who will witness this event in person and tell the tale for eons to come.



Sample Infestation LP:

The Stinkbugs play May 13 at Stones Corner Hotel, Brisbane with The Dangermen, The Busymen, Extra Foxx and Eyes Ninety.

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