West Australian wooden-spooners Dennis Cometti kicking on with On The Sauce EP

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor 


Dennis Cometti is a band named after the man. Alex Patching (guitar/vocals) brings the shitty garage riffs and lyrics about drinking and footy, Mitch Cross (drums) brings chips and gravy, and John Peers (bass/vocals) brings a backpack of warm Emu Export.

The trio have just released a second EP, On The Sauce, the follow-up to last year’s Wooden Spoon. And they have just made an unbelievably bad video for the song “Footy With The Boys”.

UB sucks a quarter-time orange with Alex…



Sports commentators give us the shits. Is Dennis Cometti an exception to the rule that all sports commentators are fuckwits?
Absolutely. Dennis is the fucking man and we won’t hear anything bad said about him. Baz Zempilas is a bit of a flog and ‘BT’ is equally irritating but he’s probably the next best one out there. Dennis fucking rules though and footy won’t ever be the same without him.

A bloke who used to live in Perth gave us this info:
“Inner south is an old money area.
Inner north is now like Newtown or Fitzroy – young professionals on big salaries with no dependents.
Inner east going the way of inner north but still pretty tough.
Inner west is rich, rich, rich. Think Sydney’s northern beaches.
Mid northern suburbs are working-middle class. Lots of skips and Asians and wogs. Close to the beach.
Mid southern suburbs are working-middle class. Lots of whinging Poms. Close to arid bushland.
Mid eastern suburbs are working class and hard as fuck.
Mid western suburbs are Inner west are rich, rich, rich.
Outer northern suburbs are working class but rich tradies who spend too much and like driving. A lot of skips.
Outer southern suburbs are working class whinging Poms and poor mid eastern and Sudo migrants.
Outer western suburbs are rich, rich, rich.
Outer eastern suburbs are mostly in the hills. Some artist types and equines lurking around on big properties, but mostly hard-as-fuck hill people.”
Whereabouts do you live?
That sounds about right to me; Perth is a funny sort of place. Mitch and myself live in Mount Pleasant (inner south) which is posh as FUCK. We’re probably the only people on our street who don’t have a six-figure income. Heaps of expensive Mercs driving around and activewear fiends. John lives in Leeming (mid southern), which is basically the most normal, uneventful suburb in the whole universe. We all pretty much grew up in Leeming though so it’s dear to our hearts.

Tell us some things about the On The Sauce EP cassette, especially how fans in Spain and Bulgaria can get a copy?
We recorded On The Sauce in our jam room ourselves on my 4-track cassette machine in September last year. We did the instruments live on a Saturday and overdubbed solos, claps and vocals on the Sunday with our mates Ack and Gibbo, which was a right laugh. We got it mixed pretty quick and sent it off to Mikey Young for mastering. We’ve released it on CD and tape but we’ve got no distro contacts as of yet so if you want a copy hit us up on our Bandcamp.

“Footy With The Boys”:

The “Footy With The Boys” video is very special – where was it done and who helped with the special FX?
Our mate Thomas Cahill came up with the main concept of the video and handled the FX part as well. He’s a solid good bloke and is full of sick ideas for videos, even though he supports West Coast. We filmed it on the oval of our old high school in a couple of hours and ended up improvising a fair bit of it, which is probably pretty obvious. We just brought a few friends down and had some beers and it turned out better than expected.

What’s the plan for Dennis Cometti now?
We’re writing stuff at the moment so we’re hoping to get an album or something recorded later on in the year if all goes well. Until then though we’ll just be drinking beers on the porch as usual I guess.



Get On The Sauce:

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