She Beast is the hardest-working doom trio in rural Victoria

By Danger Coolidge 
Unbelievably Bad Editor 


The Benalla-Nutfield-Cottles Bridge combined doomslaying society known as She Beast have been spitting out split releases like mouth foam.

In the past five months, the trio have released splits with Dronegoola Machine, Hadal and Wounded Pig, and they even split a T-shirt with the latter.

UB corners guitarist/vocalist Lord Rat for a chat…



What’s been happening in She Beast land since we last talked?
She Beast have been busy writing new material which we recorded with Mr Jason Fuller at his fine establishment at Goatsound Studios at the back end of 2016 over two days. The material from this recording have then gone into a few splits. The first split was with Russian band Dronegoola Machine, which was released in early December. Dronegoola Machine are a sick sludge/ doom band and we would definitely recommend checking them out. The second split was with Melbourne-based band Hadal in January this year. Hadal are a two-piece doom/ noise band and we have loved everything they have released. The most recent split is with South Australia’s grindcore warriors Wounded Pig, which was released on April 16. In regards to the months ahead we are also due to do a release split with a Massachusetts-based sludge band called Anxiety. We would also definitely recommend checking them out. She Beast will then look to be a bit more active in playing live shows along with continuing to write new material.

How did you connect with Wounded Pig for that split?
Ever since we heard Wounded Pig’s latest full-length album, A Permanent Mark, we knew we would jump at the opportunity to collaborate on something with them. Colin [AKA Gnome Lord, drums] and myself also had the opportunity to meet Sam and Jess from Wounded Pig after playing a gig with them in one of our other bands Maggot Bath. We liked Sam and Jess, we liked their music, and I also like splits that have different contrasting types of music on them. So once we had the recorded tracks for She Beast available we naturally reached out to Wounded Pig, and lucky for us they were keen and available!

There is also going to be a split T-shirt?
Jess and Sam run a screenprinting company called Merchmaid and they have put together some cool Wounded Pig / She Beast split shirts which will be available for sale at the upcoming shows we are playing together. If people are unable to make the shows and want a shirt get in touch with Wounded Pig or She Beast we should be able to get one shipped out. So if there are any bands out there looking for quality hand screenprinted merch make sure you hit up Merchmaid!

What is your favourite Wounded Pig song?
That is a hard question because they have some many good tunes! For me though it would be a toss up between “Crossed” from A Permanent Mark and “All Else Failed” from the split, which has a cool Terrorizer feel to it.

What is your favourite Manowar song?
We do not know Manowar that well, and there is not a whole lot of Manowar being played out at Nutfield! That said, they do put out cool album art.



Listen to She Beast / Wounded Pig split:

She Beast and Wounded Pig play The Bendigo, Collingwood this Thursday, May 11 w/ Derailment and Castration Party

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