Mongrel punts and shirtfronts: Keeping up with The Uglies

By Luke Buckler
Unbelievably Bad contributor

Pic by Ratboy Patience

The Uglies are a bit of a mystery. An EP was released without too much fuss in 2015, and shows have been sparse. There’s not a great deal to know about The Uglies, except this: They’re about to put out a record that will do Bobby Skilton’s black eyes proud, and they’re about to do a run of shows down the east coast and back to Adelaide.

Take a little squizz if you’re unfamiliar.

By guitarist Marcel’s (aka Mr Perfect) own admission, they’ve been kind of quiet on account of their geographic challenges – but, as evidenced by the songs streaming above, their sound is anything but reserved. UB had a little chat with Mr Perfect about the impending record, footy, and stylishness.




Who’s is the band, and what other bands have you done?
Hey! The band is myself (Marcel aka Mr Perfect) on guitar, Jonno ‘Boy California’ on the bins, Darcy Coleman O’Connor on bass and Chongo Simmons on the mic. Jonno and I have done a bunch of stuff together, most recently Vaginors and Starvation, and Darcy and I played in Manhunt together. This is the first time Tye (Chongo) and I have done a band together, but he and Jonno both play in CUM. The talent pool in Adelaide hardcore is more or less a puddle.

Pic by Mike Vescovich

Where did you make the LP? How did that go?
We recorded the LP at my studio in Adelaide over a couple of days in November last year. It went pretty well because Jonno and I demo’d basically everything the month or so beforehand so we just smashed it out. Darcy came down with a song he’d written which we fleshed out and that was that. I wish I had anything interesting to say about the recording but it was pretty straightforward to be honest. I told Lewis (No Patience Records) that we were thinking about doing a 7″ and he said ‘7 inches suck do an LP and I’ll put it out’ so that’s why it’s an LP, not a 7″.

What’s with the footy motif? Were you ever the kind of person who shunned sports as anti-punx?
I have always loved football and sport generally, so nah. Any punk that decries sport evidently has no fucking idea about anything and genuinely leads a sad, lonely existence.

Pic by Ratboy Patience

Do the emergent sharpie revivalists get behind The Uglies?
Unsure what the demographic of our listeners is, if there even is one. We honestly have played so rarely since we started the band that it’s pretty difficult for me to gauge who actually likes it. We probably aren’t stylish enough for sharpies to dig on though, but we will see.

Does the state line division make it at all difficult to operate as a band? How frequently do you reckon you’ll play once the record is out?
Yeah we had to cobble the tour together pretty last minute because it was the only time Darcy could get away because he has heaps of university shit on the back end of the year. He’s actually in America now on a study tour and comes back literally days before we leave, sucks to be him. We’ve had one full band practice in the last two years so yeah it does stunt the momentum of the band a lot of the time.

Pic by Mike Vescovich

Do you reckon you’d get away with naming your band Bloodclot Faggots in 2017?
Haha. Absolutely not. It was fucking stupid then and even dumber now in hindsight. It’s embarrassing when people bring it up but when you’re younger you don’t think as much about the impact a name like that is going to have on people and I certainly didn’t think I’d be getting asked about it nearly ten years later. But I’ve gotta wear that. Probably the best thing that came out of it was the fact that it opened up a dialogue between myself and people that felt alienated by the name. The name really effectively illustrated how ingrained homophobia and by extension sexism, ableism and basically bullying was within hardcore at the time – but instead of shining a light on those issues it probably made them worse. You live and learn.

Go and see The Uglies. Facebook event thing here.

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