Vertigo represents the finest in hardcore scuzz from Geelong

By Danger Coolidge
Unbelievably Bad Editor 


There’s been a steady piss-stream of punk bands out of Geelong featuring either Billy Gardner or his little brother Zane (or both of them), but Vertigo just might be UB’s favourite.

It’s a big call because the field includes Cereal Killer, Wet Blankets, Ausmuteants and The Living Eyes, but generally speaking, Vertigo’s got a bit more mongrel and is on a wilder tip, and we like that.

Presuming you’re partial to scuzzpunk spiced with weirdo hardcore (or vice versa), the band’s debut V1 tape is one of the best things going around. You better get on it, though – they’ve already turned their attention to V2. Vocalist Henry McGoldrick explains…




Who are the members of Vertigo; what are each of your birthstones; and what other bands are you currently active in?
We got Billy Gardner, his birthstone is topaz. Zane Gardner is sapphire, Troy Bonney is topaz and I’m peridot. Other bands the guys are in include Cereal Killer, Ausmuteants, The Living Eyes and No Limit. I don’t know how to play any instruments so this is the first band I’ve been in.

What inspired Vertigo to form – was it something you were listening to, or something you weren’t listening to?
Vertigo formed before I was involved, with Zane writing most of the material along with Troy. I guess we take a lot of influence from early hardcore, like Die Kreuzen or Void and a lot of the other early DC stuff, but we all listen to a bunch of different shit, there’s a good mixture of influences.

My first high-school band was called Vertigo. We got our name from a label we saw on Metallica records. We never actually jammed or anything. The furthest we got was me making a timber-backed brass plate with our would-be logo on it in Year 9 metalwork class. What made youse choose a name as difficult to navigate via Google as Vertigo?
We got our name from a label we saw on Black Sabbath records.


Where was the V1 tape recorded?
We recorded those demos ourselves in Geelong at Billy and Zane’s place in November last year. Billy handled the mixing and mastering, too.

How did a French guy end up putting it out?
I was living in France for nine months a couple years ago and met Emile from Gone With The Weed while I was over there. We only got 100 tapes made initially (on Anti Fade Records) and they went quicker than we expected so it seemed like a good idea to get another run of them out there.

Our favourite Vertigo song so far is “Human Error”. What’s yours?
Thanks, dude. I’ve been liking our newer songs lately, probably just because I’ve heard the ones off the tape a bunch of times. I don’t think I really have a favourite to be honest, whatever the newest thing is we’ve done usually ends up my favourite.

What was the most recent song you writ?
The last one that I think is fully finished is called “Fleshlight”. We’ve been writing new songs for another batch of recordings that we’ll hopefully get around to before the end of the year.




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