Knifer unleash hard rockin’ debut single, Don’t Say My Name b/w Strugglin’

By Danger Coolidge 
Unbelievably Bad Editor

7 Sleeve (Foldover)

Demo tape to 7″ – it’s a classic opening move for any rock band, and Knifer have nailed it.

The Brisbane four-piece has sharpened its attack over the past however-many months since recording their demo, resulting in the gilt-edged new single, “Don’t Say My Name” / “Strugglin’”.

UB parry and thrusts with bass player Leo Price…




Have you had a lot of time to spend jamming and playing live and writing and general Knifer stuff lately?
We recorded the demo in December 2016 and recorded these songs in May of this year. Between the two we played live a fair bit, jammed a lot, wrote and scrapped songs, learned and forgot cover songs, etc. All these things help to sharpen the blade (pun aggressively intended).

Tell us about the 7″ – these recordings a better (maybe not the right word) crystallization of the Knifer ideal?
Definitely. I was really happy with the tape but I love the sound of this record. It’s cleaner than the tape but still hits on the simple “band in a room” sound that we wanted. We recorded as much of it live as possible, as always, and Chris [Brownbill] who recorded it gently discouraged us from following our instinctual impulses to overdub multiple rhythm guitar tracks on top of everything. We also specifically tailored these two songs to be the A- and B-side of a 7″ single. “Strugglin’” was originally five-plus minutes long but we cut it down to three and a half to fit on one side of a 7″. I liked the restrictions that writing for a specific format placed on us, it forced us to trim fat and get to the point.

What now?
Maggotfest in Melbourne at the end of this month, then we go into seclusion to record our extremely lute-heavy medieval-themed triple LP. We look forward to it being wildly unpopular.



Listen to and get “Don’t Say My Name” / “Strugglin’” via Rouges Realm Records:

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